Send payment & golden ticket bug

(Ben) #1

Issue: When I try to send money to contacts, it keeps prompting me to send a golden ticket, even when my contact is on Monzo

Details to reproduce: Click on a contact (who is on Monzo) to send payment
OS: iOS 12.1
Device: iPhone 6S
App Version: 2.22.0 #475


(Marcus Nailor) #2

I believe this was an experiment added to the latest TestFlight version of the iOS app :slight_smile:

If you hate this bug you can probably roll back to a non-TF version I imagine this bug would go away :yum: Hopefully an iOS dev picks up on this though and fixes is for a future release :tada:

(Stephen Collie) #3

Same for me - seems very broken . . .

(Ben) #4

Further details of issue: You can send payments to ‘recent’ but the issue occurs with everyone under the ‘pay contacts on monzo’ section.

Tested multiple users and those who have the pay with friends turned on, still doesn’t work, still getting the golden ticket notification.

Tried deleting app and reinstall, no joy.

(Ben) #5

Hack fix If someone sends you a request to pay/ their Monzo link, you can overcome the issue this way and send a payment by clicking on the link

(Ben) #6

Got an update from Monzo, this was a bug and has now been fixed :slight_smile: