Send Money Improvements

Within the send money feature it currently lists every single contact that I have on my phone. Which is fine, but a lot of them are companies that I know have no intention ever of using Monzo.

It’d be nice to build in the ability to say “Yes, I want to share my contacts” with Monzo. At that point it would upload my contacts (BUT NOT STORE THEM!), and return which of them is either signed up to Monzo, or is already validated to receive money from contacts.

Or is there something like this already planned? :see_no_evil:

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Well, actually… :smile:

But please keep it coming, this helps us to not forget about improving this “not so small” details :slight_smile:

I know I’ve seen this somewhere before in the community, I just couldn’t remember where. Anyway, Hugo just posted this screenshot again, on Twitter this time, it’s not quite what you described but it will save you scrolling through your complete list of contacts, each time you want to send money :heart_eyes:

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