Send a thank you to sender

Someone put money into my account and didn’t receive an email. It would be nice if there was a button for me to press on the incoming payment screen that sent an email to the person who just paid me (provided they supplied their email address). I would not see their email address, is just be able to send a canned thank you email, or compose my own words of I wish.

It’s a nice idea and something you can do with Monzo to Monzo transfers already. It’s a lot more tricky if they transfer from another bank, if not impossible.

If they paid you through a request I guess it would be possible to put an email field for this purpose but I’m not sure how many people would use it?

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That’s the thing with me features; you never know how many people are going to use it, love it or hate it. So sometimes the best thing to do is consider whether it makes the service better, improves user impact, or is just a nice thing to have.

Me, I like to thank people. :grin:

It could also be an opportunity to add a little Monzo marketing in the footer of the email if that email isn’t registered to a Monzo account. “Get your own free Monzo account for instant free payments to other Monzo customers.”

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A nice idea but probably a bigger job once the solution is designed. Monzo would need to gain consent to email the sender and also handle this in app to only show the thank you options if consent is given

It would just need a toggle button in the settings, something like:

‘Allows thank yous via email’

I mean for non Monzo customers you would need to gain consent

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I like the spirit of this, but I can’t quite see how it would work practically. Where would the email address come from? It might be able to be built if it’s from another Monzo user - but then there are probably better ways of doing it, like the emoji thank you we’ve already got. If it’s not from another Monzo user, short of reengineering the payments system* (in which case again there’s probably better ways of doing it), then it would seem almost impossible to me :frowning:

Not trying to pour cold water over the idea - I love the spirit - just not sure how it would work. :thinking:

*please put this on your medium term “to do” list, Monzo! :wink:

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This would fall under legitimate interest I believe. It’s a one-off confirmation (not marketing spam) and the sender’s email is not disclosed to the recipient either, so all good.

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I’m sorry I wasn’t clear; I realise there are many methods of paying into a Monzo account. This feature would require that the sender provided their email address, which they can with And I agree it would not show the recipient the senders email address; that would be held securely by Monzo for the transaction.

On the UI:

if (transaction.sender.hasEmail) {

On the server, in response to the button being pressed:

// Authenticate, verify client is the recipient of the transaction
// Retrieve email address of sender, send thank you email (add a footer promoting Monzo if the senders email is not associated with a Monzo account)
// Let the recipient know that the sender has been thanked, or not as the case may be.

See, it’s not that hard. :wink:

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