Selling shares in Monzo from crowdfunding round?

(Jamie Mill) #306

I’m willing to buy shares, if anyone has any please do inbox me. Thanks.

(Nick) #307

Definitely not. As you say, started as a phone bank, still have a very strong phone offer. If you wanted you could do all your banking with them over the phone and not touch their app, I’m sure. Or use HSBC branches.


May I ask: Anyone in this thread selling shares? :smiley:

Investors flair here on the forum 🚀

I’m also looking - please send me a message if you are looking to sell!


Hi all!

I have some shares, in one certificate, totaling 1,949 shares.

If it is indeed possible to sell, i’d be happy to take offers and if agreeable terms arise I can sort the legwork out with Crowdcube/Monzo as necessary.

Feel free to DM me!

All the best



Is there anyone interested in selling shares? I’ve been through the private sale process before. DM me.


(Sanjay) #312

Are you still selling?

(Cam) #313

Hi, is anyone interested to buy 571 Monzo shares at the upcoming round pricing £7.7145? I have been in contact with Crowdcube, and they say the process is to find a private buyer, and they will present this to Monzo and ask for their consent. I have some exceptional circumstances that should facilitate the consent.

(Duncan) #314

That’s a tough sell given that 2.5 million shares are about to become available. Perhaps wait until they’re illiquid to purchase again, or sell at a discount.


My opinion is to reach out to those who may have been denied access to this funding round (through no fault of Monzo) - or wait until after the raise just in case people missed it.

Disclaimer: Please be sensible in all financial matters. My post does not constitute advice.


This would be great for those foreign buyers left out of this round. There is no citizenship rule when buying other peoples’ shares.


(Duncan) #317

True. Though brokering them directly is going to be frowned upon…


Not entirely sure what that means re: frowning upon brokering.

I don’t think anyone is holding up a rule book and judging who can and can’t trade off market.

The clause in the articles is to stop unwanted admirers acquiring a sizeable stake in Monzo. If you’re just a regular user wanting a piece you’ll have no problem at all.

If someone everyone agrees was unfairly excluded (because of regulation or whatever) gets the chance of inclusion at the same time as helping out a distressed seller, then that’s a fantastic outcome for everyone.

(Duncan) #319

I mean buying on behalf of someone else, using your privileged access to the market.


Think there may be a misunderstanding. Someone said they want to sell and I said it would be a good opportunity for one of those foreign investors who can’t participate in the crowdfund.

No brokering or privileged market access going on here, just empathy for Vito & co! :slightly_smiling_face:

(Duncan) #321

Sure, sure. I mean in another, more direct, case.

(Will) #322

If anyone is looking at buying, I’m considering selling a block of 995 shares. PM me if you’re interested :slight_smile:


I imagine you are looking for at least £7.7145 a share? To be honest I think the success of Monzo may force share buying to dry up as the prices are getting quite eye-watering.

Now if you are willing to sell 995 shares for say £4,000 total then I could be interested.


Speak for yourself Stephen! :grin:

There are people with bags of money desperate to grab a stake but the opportunities to do so are few and far between. I’m not one of them sadly but I know of them. They’ve been seen but are very elusive, like Big Foot or Aliens. I can see how someone might assume they don’t exist but they do!

I reckon he will get at least £10k for 995 shares four months and half a million customers on from when Silicon Valley invested at £7.71.

Would @WillGreen be able to let us know the outcome in a couple of weeks so we can settle this? :kissing_smiling_eyes:

ps. I’ll buy them for £5000.