Selling shares in Monzo from crowdfunding round?

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Hi Jamie,

All of the information that we have so far about buying other user’s shares has been posted here so I’ve moved your post over. I hope that helps :slight_smile:

There’s some confusion, with Crowdcube’s & Monzo’s articles of association apparently contradicting each other.

But ultimately it looks like users can’t buy other users shares from them. The fact that Monzo hasn’t commented on this suggests to me that trading the shares isn’t something they’re keen on either.

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I would happily buy £100 shares off anyone. Plus a £40 reward for allowing me to buy.

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It’s actually more that Monzo’s articles of association seem to contradict themselves… when I first looked through them I came to the conclusion that you couldn’t sell shares but the more I read of it the more it seemed to say that you actually can.


You can theoretically sell shares but such sale is at the discretion of Monzo who are not currently disposed to do so except in certain exceptional circumstances such as death of a customer and transfer to their next of kin or executor.

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Yeah but at least one set of the articles of association say some different stuff

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Sorry for the delay in coming back to this thread, but hopefully the below should help answer some of the questions above!

Some information about the sale of Monzo shares held via Crowdcube
We hope that all Monzo Crowdcube Investors will want to continue to hold their shares and help Monzo build a bank for the future together. However some Investors have asked us about the possibility of gifting or selling their shareholding. The below is a high level explanation of the rules that govern this (as outlined in the 2017 Articles of Association and having further consulted and received guidance on this from the Monzo Board of Directors). If you are an Investor you should also consult the most recent Articles of Association for the full details.

The transfer of shares in Monzo Bank Limited is governed by Monzo’s Articles. Monzo’s Articles sets out two ways to transfer shares:

1. Crowdcube investors may transfer their beneficial interest to a ‘Permitted Transferee’. ‘Permitted Transferee’ is defined in the Monzo’s Articles as

  • A spouse, civil partner, child or grandchild (including a step or adopted or illegitimate child and their issue) (“Issue” means the child of a shareholder’s adopted or illegitimate child);
  • The trustees of a transferor’s family trust; or
  • A company in which the transferor (or their trustees) hold all of the shares.

If you wish to transfer shares to a Permitted Transferee you can contact Crowdcube directly and they will confirm the details of the transfer and action this for you.

2. If you are not transferring shares as per the conditions of ‘Permitted Transferee’ as above, the following rules apply:

  • Outside of transfers to a Permitted Transferee, Monzo’s Board must consent to transfers. The Board has given consent to the Monzo team to approve transfers in exceptional circumstances only (for example if required under a contract of employment).

If you believe your circumstances warrant an exceptional share transfer again please email Crowdcube at and they will confirm the details of the transfer and request permission from the Monzo team to carry out this transfer.

At this time we cannot allow our Crowdcube Investors to make exceptional share transfers that split their shareholding – they may transfer the whole investment or none of it. This is because we incur costs on a per Investor basis and increasing the number of investors would make this unsustainable.

The above rules also apply in the case of deceased Crowdcube Investors, but Monzo has instructed Crowdcube to allow transfers to any persons (not just the close relatives specified as ‘Permitted Transferee’) where an investor has passed away and their Estate is taking care of their assets.

All transfer requests should be emailed to in the first instance.

Making a share transfer:
Once you have agreed a transfer of Monzo shares Crowdcube will give you the required information needed to make a transfer:

Please note:

  • Neither Monzo or Crowdcube are involved in setting the price (if any) you agree for your shares, this is entirely an arrangement between you and the person you are transferring your shares to.
  • Neither Monzo nor Crowdcube can give legal, investment or tax advice in relation to transfers.
  • You and the new shareholder will need to agree the process for transferring any money. Neither Monzo nor Crowdcube are responsible for ensuring any price is paid.

The process:

  • Original Investor notifies customer of request to transfer shares
  • If required Crowdcube get approval from Monzo for requested change
  • Crowdcube request identity of new shareholder
  • Crowdcube carry out KYC on the new shareholder
  • Original Investor fills in a letter of direction
  • New shareholder agrees and makes any payment to Original Investor
  • Crowdcube then completes the process and updates the name to the new shareholder

Looking to sell shares
Looking to buy or sell Monzo Crowdcube shares
Looking to sell shares

Sooooooooooooo, hit me up if you have shares to sell.

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I have invested twice in Monzo, I have decided Monzo is not for me (gasp)

I read that you can transfer investments over
So if anyone is interested in making me an offer.
I invested £50 then I was allowed to purchase 7 shares

It may take me a while to answer as I am at work

(Jack) #70

I would be interested, what are you looking to sell at? Feel free to Private Message me.

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If it’s possible to transfer them then feel free to PM me also :joy:


The most recent share price through Crowdcube, only open to previous investors was £2.35 (ish) a share. £50 for 7 shares? I suspect you may have your numbers incorrect :roll_eyes:

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I’ll take them, if they can be transferred


There’s a lot of us interested but you need to get authorisation first. I believe it says exceptional circumstances though.


That is correct. Crowdcube will only transfer them if Monzo agree.

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You can only transfer to a “permitted person” as follows:

(i) a spouse, civil partner, child or grandchild (including a step or adopted or illiegitimate child and their issue);
(ii) the trustees of a transferor’s family trust; or
(iii) a company in which the transferor (or their trustees) hold all of the shares.

Outside of this you would need exceptional circumstances for the Monzo board to agree to a transfer or sale.


I’m willing to let you adopt me and transfer the shares.

(Mark) #78

I could be interested in being a buyer/seller depending on the £ being sought/offered. PM me

(Michael) #79

I wrote that I invested £50
Then in the last round I was allowed to purchase 7 shares
I did not get my numbers wrong, maybe it was the way I wrote it


I would be interested as well, I’d love to get my hands on some shares especially since I’ve tried to invest twice and both times was late to the party. :sob:

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So there is no point in trying too off load them to anyone, it’s not a problem, I just thought another person would appreciate and love them more than me.

Sorry if I raised anyone’s hope