See your Year in Monzo!

(Ray) #81

Frequency renders most of my report useless as I spend tiny amounts often.
Should mostly be on percentage spent and then it would make more sense. Could have one screen for ‘number of times’.

(Ray Singh) #82


(Jonathon) #83

Mostly takeaways? With £3.50 or so delivery I want your job! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Ray Singh) #84

:laughing:They do offer unlimited deliveries for £7.99 a month! #GuiltyPleasures

(Josh Lindl) #85

I can cook I just don’t. Lunch is usually a 10 minute run to the nearest shop and back to the desk. Hence Pret is top of my list. From what I can see people aren’t eating out at fancy places. They are eating out for convenience. Lots of Greggs and McDonalds too. I agree there is a gap here to fill but not sure teaching to cook is the answer. I shall ponder further… :thinking:

(Josh Lindl) #86

Love the feature and great to see lots of quality feedback here to make it even better. Building on the mention of income in this thread, i wonder if it could be set up almost like a company’s annual report. It would be great to get a PNL i.e. includes your income sources as well as spending. And then it would be great to get a view of assets and liabilities too using open banking API to pull in data from credit card, loan, mortgage and investment providers. I’d love to see (optimistically) “your average spending was 10% less than average income” “this 10% saved was invested in an ISA that gained x% interest” “your net wealth increased by 5%”. Clearly an ambitious vision but Monzo isn’t afraid of ambition.


Take lunch to work? Saves time over running to the shop.

(Josh Lindl) #88

Still have to shop for the ingredients and prep so uses more time overall. I’m aware it’s a very first world problem


I generally just cook double, or triple of whatever I have for dinner.

(Richard) #90

Yep!! Nothing better than left over Tortellini Pasta or Orange and Chicken Jumbalya!!

I also have a reserved stash of food in my draw. Baked beans, noodles, cuppa soups that kind of thing.

They are a last resort. But needs must. I probably spend about £30 on lunch during work time per year. I resent the regular expenditure coming out of pocket with nothing to show for it.

(Rhiannon H Collins) #91

Was very cool. It would also be great to see something like - ‘you have tried x new restaurants and pubs this year! Nice!’


Very nice. But it only has % and top spending places and type. Is there a way to see how much money. Even if it a single total figure separate from this. Let me know if I just missed it

(Sam) #93

I really enjoyed this feature but next time could you include the total sums that were spent in each category?

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #94

Maybe they deliberately chose not to because they meant it to be shared, and adding figures would put people off?

Only a guess on my part. :man_shrugging: