See your Year in Monzo!

(chelsea reid) #61

This was great, I would love to see breakdowns more often maybe in my monthly summary too, I clearly buy too much stuff from Amazon.

(Colin Robinson) #62

Hmm, I’ve got 12 separate screens to scroll through. How long have you been using Monzo? Just wondering if you have enough info for it to generate from.

(Daze) #63

I’ve got 5 screens (times card used, friends on Monzo, payments sent, payment received, card spending graph). The 6th screen is simply the “share” screen but without any graphic or way of sharing without screenshotting.

That’s the only thing I was thinking of too — I’ve been on Monzo since August, so perhaps not long enough for a full yearly review?

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #64

Like having your very own limo party!

(Thomas Horne) #65

… Maybe I should get a Sparks card!? :rofl:

(Rob Crawford) #66

I don’t think it would have quite the same novelty if all of us received the same message that we spent most of our money on bills.

(Rob Crawford) #67

Feeling all nostalgic after seeing mine. I distinctly remember the feeling I got after looking at my first month’s summary in Monzo and realising how much money I was wasting buying breakfast and lunch in the canteen :joy:

No ill feelings about the many pints bought after work at The Sheephaven Bay though :beer::four_leaf_clover:

(Ben) #68

My Top 4 of 5 “Eating Out” places are the coffee shops I visit daily on my way to work, or near my house…

And entertainment has the pubs closest to home and work… Clearly I need to venture out more!


Considering that Monzo want their users to go FULL Monzo like I did in 2017 why is this report only showing card transactions as it’s ignoring all my Bills and DD’s which is 80% of the transactions on my account.

So this report is a bit useless for me.


I’ve thought from the start that Monzo needs to separate out types of spending more effectively. Direct debits and debit cards do very different things, but the transactions are all in thy same feed anyway.

Stats by transaction type then category/subcategory would be nice. By payee would also be useful for me


More or less spam for some. Looks like you get the email, even if you don’t have enough data


Really nice in a lot of ways, a great feature. Increased my temptation to go full Monzo.

I agree with some other points made:

For me, ranking on total spend rather than number of transactions would provide better insight.

Payments sent/received doesn’t make sense as it should include all payments.

Having this monthly would be great too, and yes please for in Joint Accounts.

And some other thoughts:

Personalised categories would make this immensely powerful.

Info of Pots would be good/encouraging, e.g. targets reached.

Really great start to this.

(Only available in amateur ) #73

Looking at all the year in Monzo posts on twitter there’s a small fortune to be made teaching people how to cook rather than eating out all the time


90% of mine was from the burger van at my old job… OOPS.


After chatting this through with COps, it appears that even when committed spending is categorised it won’t show as anything other than commmitted spending. So won’t show in summary and therefore wouldn’t show in the ‘Year in Monzo’.

It’s a little disappointing as most of my spending is ‘committed’ and that skews the report

(Drew sanders) #76

I don’t think I used moon pig more than twice all year? The pub being the main expenditure- apart from paying the Amex.


Live this idea and as soon as raised monzo categorised transactions I wanted to see how much my car cost me o er a year… Unfortunately we’ve realised the year overview is based on frequency to a vendor rather than how much has been spent… It would be great to have both as I bet it’d be a wake up call to most people as some figures would be terrifying!

(Jonathon) #78

I wonder if it’s just a random shop? All the other sentences have “mostly” but that shopping one just states that you shopped there, which you did.


Perhaps if they’re not going to do a credit card, they could offer this analysis on other credit cards. As I’ve said before, it’s great analysis, but it’s not worth losing your air miles for.

(Jonathon) #80

Agreed. The benefits of my American Express - air miles mostly, but also purchase protection, emergency assistance and travel insurance - for no cost aren’t worth the analysis Monzo give.