See your Year in Monzo!

(Jemima) #41

I really love this report its very insightful and mega helpful. Makes you realise where all your money is actually going! :open_mouth:
I would love for this to be a standing/monthly feature please :grin: thank you

(#fullmonzo joint account since Aug18) #42

I would love to see this, but as expected, this does not work with Joint accounts :-1:

(Andy) #43

I asked but was told it was only going to be for sole accounts :frowning:

(Only available in amateur ) #44

How long have joint accounts been out? Since it’s billed as a year in Monzo I’d imagine they’ll wait til there’s a year of data

(Colin Robinson) #45

Keep scrolling down?

(Sacha) #46

(Rhys Short) #47

Interesting, I don’t have any spending at John Lewis either though.


Bit confused why bills (my largest monthly outgoing) is showing as such a small percentage.

(Andy) #49

I think it’s only non committed spend that’s reported


That doesn’t give a very representative view of overall spending…


Love it!

(David Walton) #52

+1 for an option to display Personal or Joint Account data in this report.
If the omission of Joint Accounts is indeed because Joint Accounts haven’t been out for a 12-month (or calendar year) period yet, then we hopefully will see a JA option/version by October 2019? Or at the start of Jan 2020 (at the same time as the next #YearInMonzo rollout)?

I’d really like to see this. It is both terrifying and interesting to see such stats of personal money management & spending!

(Only available in amateur ) #53


(Mark Stevenson) #55

And once again Monzo has pulled a beauty out of the bag! Love this overview. The only one thing that I would add is the total amount of spend at each of the categories.


Do you pay your bills with your card?

(Daze) #57

This is the last screen on mine, scrolled all the way down :disappointed:

(Matthew) #58

I manually recategorised some 2018 transactions to fix my #YearInMonzo report, but it seems the report is static and cannot be re-rendered?

(Toby Toller) #59

It’s our penance for not using a Monzo card. I’m always in two minds about the trade off between continuing to maximise the points and enjoying Monzo to its fullest again…

Clever from Monzo’s point of view. If there were more regular insights and analytics like this, it would be more of an incentive to put spending through the card vs Amex

(Alex Sherwood) #60