See your Year in Monzo!

(Jack) #21

that’s called summary and it’s in the app :smiley:


This is awesome! Only used Monzo since November so don’t have so much.

Just a request, can you make this always available, and allow us to see all time? Would be awesome to see how many times I’ve used my card in in what countries I’ve used Monzo.


(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #23

If I may expand on your suggestion :wink:

Version 1.1 of #YearinMonzo could include a custom date/time picker so we can explore as much or as little of our ‘year’ as possible :grin:

(Rob) #24

It’s not presented nicely like this annual one, plus you have to press buttons to delve into the categories to see where your spend is. Just want a quick scroll like the annual

(Rhys Short) #25

I have a similar thing with a place called “Peter Jones” where search brings up nothing…


AM I Doing something wrong my bills take up 1/3 of my salary each month yet they show as 1% on my yearly spend ???

I have been full Monzo since Oct 2017


I’ve got a similar issue, except I’ve got no ‘Bills’ spending at all.

(Max Darby) #28

I’ve only been paid by 2 friends apparently which I know is incorrect… I normally love the stuff you guys do but this seems a bit rushed…

(Andy) #29

Severe case of fomo seeing this! Hopefully it’ll be on joint accounts next year!


I think this is only counting card transactions, and not direct debits or standing orders.

(Alex Brooks) #31

Looks like this is based on number of transactions, not total value of those transactions.

(Kevin Thornhill) #32

Love this annual summary … can we start to get it by quarter too? :yellow_heart:


What a lovely feature, thanks Monzo! Would it be possible to include scheduled transactions (or those marked as excluded from summary?) in the yearly overview as well? At the moment my bills stand at 1.4% which can’t be true, as bills (scheduled monthly) include rent!

(Kelly Marlow) #34

I liked this, it’s good to see where most my money went. I had to laugh a lot though when it stated that most of my “entertainment” was from Cardiff Bus! Hmm, I think I need to make some life changes :stuck_out_tongue:

(Fraser March) #35

Anyone else find that in the category breakdowns, spending frequency followed Zipf’s law? Mine did. If there are any bored Monzo engineers, would be interesting to see if that’s a general trend.

(Gareth) #36

KFC not showing for me in the eating out category :chicken:


Not useful at all as it is based on number of transactions

(Daze) #38

How are you guys getting that shareable summary screen with the “I mostly ate at…” ?

I can see the Your Card Spending screen but not much else :thinking:

(Duncan) #39

Could you run the code again on Joint Accounts? That would be great.


There are a couple of branches of John Lewis branded Peter Jones, including the one on Sloane Square in London.