See your mortgage in Monzo 🏠 [Mortgage Referrals pilot live 🚀]

Glad you’ve seen the changes - we’ve certainly not forgotten you all! One of us will probably be back in the coming weeks to give you a bit more of a substantive update but we’ve been improving the handling of some edge cases and additional context that we didn’t include in our initial Labs launch :raised_hands:

Also, we updated about 80 lender name instances to be formatted to be a little more friendly to the eye as well as a few more of the custom card designs for the most common lenders (based on connection volumes) :sunglasses:

This is certainly something we’re starting to think about right now - as you know our friends in App Evolution are hard at work with some important foundational work for the app. We need to think carefully about how best to represent your mortgage / property with that in mind and phase it to align their roadmap!