See your credit score in Monzo📊

It was only available to a select few for testing.

There are plenty of things that Monzo offer for free that other banks don’t :man_shrugging: Difference being is that NatWest are subsidising the cost elsewhere where as Monzo are being transparent.

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I’m not sure it’s a matter of transparency and we all know that banking isn’t actually free. Banks make money from money and just you spending your money generates income for them.

I don’t want to get into a bank comparison discussion, it will derail the thread but the differences are not as big as they once were. Sadly for me, Monzo have lost some of that edge and have stagnated.

I just disagree with what’s been done regarding the score, especially since credit karma provide it for free.

I know you disagree, so I’m going to leave it there.



There was literally a thousand comment thread about a major new development this Thursday!

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If you mean the new Plus option, I saw it but I was underwhelmed.

Everyone who writes on these forums is entitled to their opinion, I’m just expressing mine.

I’m a big fan of Monzo, I’ve invested my own money into it. I do have legacy accounts and a starling account and while I may not use them as my main account, it doesn’t mean I don’t check what they offer and what upgrades they’ve brought.

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