See Payment History for companies

So. I would like to request that if I click on Total received or Total sent I get a payment History of either incoming or outgoing depending on what I select.

Image for reference

Have you tried clicking on the number of payments?

Admittedly that doesn’t break down into deposits versus withdrawals.

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Both do nothing

Get BlueMail for Android

Oh. I’m an idiot.


Get BlueMail for Android

So it’s working, then? I was worried for a moment, as I’m on Android and it’s fine for me.

Yep. Working fine. Haha. Sorry, ill have to try remember

Get BlueMail for Android

FYI, when you reply by email and have a signature, this gets added to every post.

Just something to be considerate of in the future :slight_smile:

I have an urge to get BlueMail for Android…


I replied via email - that’s the auto-signature I hadn’t taken out

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Thank you, I apologise

No need to apologise, it’s not really an issue as such.

It would be more so if you were to add any company/personal details in the future or anything :slight_smile:

Ah yes, true. thankfully I didn’t have any. I have turned it off now, though it is a good application, far as i’m aware thee only one that I found (via google) that allowed HTML signatures :slight_smile:

Yes, that could be a problem.

‘Innocent company signature or subliminal advertising

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Was more liminal than subliminal

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