See note in card subscriptions

It would be helpful if, under card subscriptions, we could have a note of what each subscription is for.

I put notes on the actual transactions, but they don’t show in the subscriptions area.

This can be useful for e.g. app store apps annual/monthly payments, where the subscriptions just say “Google Play” 3 times and it’s confusing as to which is which app.


This already exists it’s just that it sits within each transaction. I use these to distinguish between purchases made vs subscription. To add a note click on the add note label (see image 1 below)

Upon adding your note it displays as follows (see below)

Yes we can have notes inside individual transactions, but these are not accessible/viewable from the subscriptions screen.

On my subscriptions, I have 3 Bitwarden entries (2 personal and one family annual payments). I just see 3 Bitwarden entries, without any way of knowing which is which. If I tap on any one of them, all I see is ‘Bitwarden’ subscription, with no individual transactions showing (which might include the note), and no ability to add a note to make it easy to tell in future.

Same on Google Play, I have one at the moment, soon to be 3 payments there, showing as ‘Google Play’ with no indication as to what app it’s for. I have certainly set a note with the app name in the individual transaction, but there is no way to look that up from the subscription screen.

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Yeah I agree: being able to label payments in this way would be super helpful.

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