Security - it doesn't 'feel' secure

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I have my phone locked with my fingerprint, and on top of that most apps I use require fingerprint authorisation. So to me that’s secure enough. I have a backup pass code but that would only get my phone unlocked and wouldn’t unlock the more secure apps, i.e. banking. And before I had an iPhone I just had a password and autolock.

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This is true. I have remote device wiping so if someone steals it I can remote wipe. It is also disk encrypted and if you get the code wrong 5 times it will automatically wipe :slight_smile:

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If somebody got into my phone they could open up the Gmail app and from there compromise pretty much every online account I have going, from Amazon to Zavvi.

Consequently, I keep my phone locked at all times. Anyone gets their hands on it? Good luck figuring out what I’ve locked it with.

Or, to put it another way; my phone security is also the security for my Monzo. I see no need for further security layers on the app - and hope any applied later will be optional. The frictionless use of the Monzo app is a huge part of the appeal for me. I also have an account with First Direct and hardly use their app as it’s such a massive pain in the bottom wading through the security bits every time I open it.

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I would second this. As I have said before, and is being said again: legacy bank app security makes it hugely difficult to access your financial data. If Monzo were to do something of the same ilk, it would kill the product in all honesty.

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My monzo app is open all the time.Surely like other banking apps I should have a Pin.

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@crablab I’ve actually been told off for using LMGTFY on another forum because it is/was considered passive/aggressive!


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@nobankercol Possibly? Not sure how it should be written but I guess you get my meaning?


I don’t know either, just being silly on a quiet afternoon.


I just wondered if you’d be able to add a pin code setting so that only the rightful user can use the app.

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Take a look here: Security - it doesn't 'feel' secure

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FWIW, we only did fingerprint protection for opening the app on iOS because of community requests and still plan to do it on Android, again because of community requests :slight_smile:

If you asked most people here, we felt that locking your phone is the most important thing and we’ll protect making payments etc. of course, but having protection in the app to stop someone who happens to pick up your unlocked phone seeing your Monzo feed is overkill. But feedback from people here and in in-app chat convinced us otherwise :slight_smile:


Some of us still feel that!

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Which is why we made it optional :slight_smile:

I really believe we’re building something with everyone’s help here — there are sooo many examples where the community has influenced our decision making, made us change our minds or hugely impacted the product. We’re incredibly grateful for that and I hope that shows through with everything we do. We won’t always be able to do something because some people want it in the community though, unfortunately :frowning: We’d end up never moving forward and building a very confused product.

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I think this is really important - Monzo is awesome because they let the community feed into the product and thus the product is really cool and something people actually want to use. However, it isn’t design by committee and ultimately decisions have to be made internally - of course it goes without saying we trust Monzo to make those decisions for the better of the customers! :smiley: (the more cynical might disagree :wink: )