Secondary approval for sending out payments on personal accounts

This is probably going to sound crazy and possibly a lot of work, but would it be possible to have an “approver” as such for payments? That could be set on a person to person basis

I ask because I have a tendency to helping out my friends in financial trouble, now obviously this is my own decision, but my “friends” take advantage of this fact, specifically this one ex friend of mine did anyway! She has over the last 1 and a half years borrowed about 15k from me in small doses with the promise to me that she’d pay me back and I trusted her.

I do have learning difficulties and a full time job. However now my mother wants to be able to monitor my account in case this situation happens again. It took my parents stepping in to make her stop coming at me to ask for money for food, etc, as she knew full well I’d lend it to her as I feel bad for her


Hey @andrew_fishy thanks for sharing this :heart:

This definitely sounds like something our Vulnerable Customers team could look into helping you with. The best thing to do is reach out to us through the chat and ask to speak with a member of that team. I hope they’re able to help!


Really sorry to hear you’ve been through that. Have you spoken to Monzo? I know they do have a team of people who help with this sort of thing.

As for the monitoring, do you have Plus? You could give your Mum access to the export, or a modified version that only showed transfers so your spending was private but only the transfers would be seen.


I didn’t know that auto export feature could do that

I’ll resubscribe to Plus if this is the case

Yes, I have reached out to Monzo via the chat this evening and I am waiting for a reply


It can’t itself, but I can help you with the formula if you wanted it

Just set it once and done


I really would appreciate that @Revels. It is really nice to see the community come together to help someone out when needed! I’ll have a mess around with the auto export feature

What I’m thinking is, if it’s able to export to a Google document (excel), I can give her access to that?


I did get a reply from Monzo, however I am not quite sure if what they are telling me is hypocritical or not

So the export will give you everything, all pot transfers etc. so it can really mount up and it might be easy to miss a transfer.

My idea would have been to keep the export exactly as it is. Then have a second file that you could share access to, this would filter for the type of payment.

So your RSPCA payments remain private, but a bank transfer would show on the second sheet.


That sounds like what I need


I’ll sort it out in the morning for you :+1:t2:


Thank you so much Revels!

You are a community hero!

I work in IT, so you won’t have to dumb it down (too much, I hope :joy:)

Have a great evening


I think what they are saying here is they can amend your limits per day/month.

Say your daily transfer limit is £10k they can move it to £50, or your debit card spent is X amount they can move it to £30 etc.

I never worked vulnerable on this part, but it is something they can override their side to help you, for example, avoid lending out larger amounts of money.

On a side note, it’s so admirable you have confidence to share this with us :heart:


I’ve asked for the bank to bank transfer to be lowered to £1.5k as I still do transfer in to Zopa and I think that would get potentially get in the way. I don’t think they could lower the amount specifically for one account, it would need to be done generally. I just wish I had the confidence to ask for help sooner or at least spoke to my mother sooner

I’m ashamed to say this isn’t the first time, the other time was a bit more serious so is being handled by the police

The auto export doesn’t seem to want to work at the moment


I’m not sure on the auto export stuff, but completely with you when it comes to having confidence to share personal details with a wide audience, not sure I ever could.

I’m fairly certain monzo can help you with your request (the finer details are beyond me). You could contact them to lift said limits for a day, and then drop them back down. The problem you’d likely face here is how long it takes to get through :upside_down_face:

Fingers crossed the police help you recover some money :pray:t3:

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I can’t offer any advice but thanks for sharing the story and it’s great to see the community coming to aid. :heart:

OP - I hope you come to a resolution to this


Sounds like you need to ask Monzo to block your ability to transfer money to your friend’s account.

All the best.


I’ve got a test version working that I think will do what you need it to do, but you have PMs turned off, do you want to turn them on? Or I can post it here?


I’ll turn on PM’s

Edit: I couldn’t find the setting, I have DM’d you though

If the google sheet doesn’t contain anything personal/identifiable, and you feel it’ll be helpful for the community, feel free to share it here

I really appreciate the assistance


I will say Monzo do take care of their customers, they always reply with updates /s, that was on at least 2/3 days ago (it’s not dated, only times show so I can’t tell)

I understand my request is not urgent, but I can only imagine if it was…… must depend on what team it goes to, I’m making a point of not prompting them for an update, but maybe I should

Am I being hard? Is decreasing my BACS limit hard or out of the ordinary at all?

I know £10,000 is the default, but it can’t be hard to override and set it to £1,500 can it? Would it break something?

I would like to thank @Revels massively for the assistance he has given me setting up an auto export spreadsheet and even taught me excel formulas at the same time

Same goes for everyone who has tried to assist me, I appreciate you all just the same!


Not a problem. Always happy to help where I can