Searching for “Thames” defaults to “Thame”

Issue: This might be a niche issue just for people who have ever spent money in the town of Thame but here goes!

When searching for the word Thames (to see my water bill payments) the search bar will assume I meant Thame when I hit search.

I type the word Thames and my water payments show up then I hit “search” the the S disappears and only my payments in Thame appear.

Details to reproduce: Search for Thames and hit search. This might only work if you’ve spent money in Thame :laughing:
OS: iOS 15.6
Device: iPhone 13 Pro Max
App Version: 4.40.0

Screenshots: I can send a video by DM to someone but it’s hard to hide my transactions on a video so I won’t post it here :blush:

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You can crop the video to just show the search bar, which will show the vanishing S :slight_smile:


Great shout thank you! I’ve cropped it.

For everyone’s viewing pleasure the magic disappearing S! (And it’s not me deleting it I promise :blush:)


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I can’t reproduce this on an iPhone 13. I type Thame and a Costa Coffee transaction turns up (because it’s in Richmond-Upon-Thames), and it remains there when I add the s.

Probably because there are no transactions in Thame.

Search does do odd things like this all the time, though.

If you type Thames and then hit the search button does it stay the same? If I don’t hit search I can see my lovely water company transactions.

It does. I’ve never been to Thame, though. So I don’t have Thame transactions.

That makes sense. It might be a bug just for the small number of users who have actually spent money in Thame. Maybe it’s a hierarchy thing in the background that puts geographic results ahead of provider name matches.

While the Rumsey hot chocolate is GREAT I couldn’t recommend everyone visit and buy one just to test the theory :laughing:

I was going to ask if it was worth visiting.

What happens if you type Thames Water?

Kind of the same thing. I type “Thames” and when I hit space it creates the little grey box with “Thame” inside it. So I end up searching for “Thame. Water.”.

Ultimately I can just type Thames and scroll without hitting search but it’s slightly weird behaviour.


I had this problem a while back when using #’s
I deleted and reinstalled and it fixed the problem.
A workaround though is to not press enter as it filters as you type.