Search tags by pay period

I’ve just started using the tags & think it’s really helpful. Now if I want to see how many times a month I spent money on food, I can just search the tag and it’ll come up with all the transactions. Great. But why isn’t there a way to search by pay period or custom dates? Currently it’s only this/last week, month, year, weekend etc.

This messes up what I’m trying to do as I get paid on the 28th of the month so those last few days of the last month don’t show up.

Categories is a mess so I’d like them to either fix categories with custom ones or give some more customisation to the periods when searching for tags.

Hope this hasn’t been asked for before, I did a search but couldn’t find anything?

This is the page I’m talking about:

Don’t think you can. I’ve looked at this before and end up searching for tag and ‘visually’ filtering by date…