Search location duplication

(Toby Foord) #1

Just a quick one, “bug” seems a little harsh but there’s no “less than ideal” category :laughing:.

When using the spiffing new :mag: search tool the locations are duplicated in upper and lowercase variants. I’m guessing this is a result of inconsistent meta data in the transactions. Whatever it is, it means I only get a subset of the expected transactions when filtering.


(Rika Raybould) #2

Indeed, this was flagged up as something of a work in progress when this new search was initially introduced. It does make that view weird to use. :confused:

(Toby Foord) #3

Ah, my bad should have had a better dig around before posting. Feel less special now :confused:

(Tristan Thomas) #4

No worries! @matt has this on his list to fix when he has time (not that much of that going around at the moment :wink: )