Search button touch area is off centre


The touch area for the search button is off centre which makes it tricky to hit sometimes. In the screenshot I’ve got VoiceOver enabled, which shows the search icon is right-aligned in the touch area instead of centred.

Details to reproduce: Enabled VoiceOver and move the selection over the Search button.
OS: iOS 13.3
Device: iPhone XR
App Version: 3.14.0 #588



Do you see the box around the magnifying glass on your phone - or have you added it to highlight the issue?

I have an iPhone 8. There is no box on my screen and the glass is more to the left of the battery icon.

Screen dimensions issue?


Mag Glass

The box shows the ‘touch area’ where a user can click - as you can see on that device the box isn’t centred around the magnifying glass (the box doesn’t appear on your fun but it is, in essence, still there).

Can confirm I can tap just to the left of the magnifying glass to activate search on iPhone 11 Pro, iOS 13.3.

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The box appears if you have VoiceOver enabled (for visually impaired users). It’s an easy way to pick up these kinds of layout issues without using the developer tools.

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Thank you. I’ll get my coat. R-