Scheduling algorithm?

Does anyone know of a decent free app or program that helps with scheduling?

I know there are plenty where you can put in the times that 10 people are available and it will spit out the common time for a meeting, but what about the opposite?

I work one on one with students after school in their own homes. I need to schedule approximately 10 lessons across three evenings, with each student having different availability and allowing time to travel between them, plus accommodating scenarios where a student may want more than one lesson a week but not on the same night.

It’s a headache for me every September!

Will this be the same on-going?

Personally I would go super basic. Draw a week, days across the top, your time slots down the sides and then box people in. Do it in pencil so you can change/juggle them around and do it that way until it fits. (Or do it in excel)

If two are nearer each other or something then I’d try and schedule them next to one another. And be a bit more inflexible with when/what they can have to save time travelling etc.

What about something like calendly, which allows you to set the availability rules and then let them choose when they want? (assuming you can communicate via email to send the links)

I’ve previously used Doodle for this kind of thing - allows people, I think, to book slots and also select best availability (poll-style)

I think they may have started charging for some features so may not be ideal.

Rallly I think is similar, and anonymous - that might work.

Thanks for the replies! I will look at calendly as it seems closest to my needs. Fortunately, it is the same every week so once it’s done, it’s done!


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