Scheduled Transfer - Transfer all from pot

I would like to have pot where I can collect all money spend via Credit card using IFTTT and be able to have scheduled payment what transfers all money from pot (as much is there at the time of tranafer)

Which credit card? You might be able to do the saving bit via IFTTT using notifications, exports or if they have their own IFTTT integration.

You can’t trigger a payment from IFTTT as they aren’t a PISP for open banking but you could have a direct debit paid directly from the pot for the statement balance. Bear in mind if you did this and the IFTTT trigger wasn’t working then any remainder would be taken from your main balance; think about the consequences of missed DDs with your card provider if your balance wasn’t sufficient.

There is no Direct Debit, I need to send money via Money Transfer
It is more about the second part - making scheduled transfer what sends all Money from pot. Right now I can enter some amount while creating scheduled transfer and I would like new option there - “All” what will send whatever amount is in pot scheduled transfer is attached to

I agree this is most likely to be achieved through IFTTT but you’re actually asking for three things here.

  • Your credit card to support IFTTT so you know when a payment has been made on it.
  • Monzo to allow you to read a pot balance through IFTTT
  • Monzo to allow you to send an outbound payment through IFTTT.

The last one I don’t believe will ever happen for security reasons. A workaround would be for Open banking to progress enough to allow you to connect your credit card to Monzo and make a payment there. But again, I’m not sure if this will be allowed to be automated for the same reason.

tl;dr When broken down, you’re asking for a lot which unfortunately isn’t going to happen any time soon and some things are out of Monzos control :slight_smile: