Scheduled Transactions

I’ve been using money wiz for years to monitor my spending and one thing they have that I use most frequently is ‘scheduled’ Transactions.
I’m not sure I use it as intended but, I’d like to see a list of bills that I am expecting to go out and a total, this lets me compare with my current balance to see what’s actually left.
Although targets sort of does this, it’s more general, currently I have a list of specific bills and amounts that I am expecting to come out and this gives me a real expectation of what is left afterwards, rather than a budget which is more of managing your everyday spending.

The scheduling in money wiz decreases the expected amount throughout the month as each transaction goes out from the list.

Let me know what you think? :grinning:


It’s a good idea, and I think it’s similar to what we are thinking, in terms of long term plans. I think someone mentioned recently that one day we’d like spending targets and budgeting to be super-smart. Right now, we need to get the basics working right, things like the ability to set different date-date months and create your own categories, and once this is up and humming we can look at what’s next!

Getting the information about what’s coming out is a challenge though, I don’t think manually inputting it would be something most people would want to do, and unfortunately with stuff like direct debits, we don’t actually have hard info about what’s coming out until a day or so before. So to be super smart here, we’d need a predictive model based on previous patterns. A lot of people’s income and bills are not regular monthly amounts, too, and it’d need to cater for everyone.

For now, you can move bills money into pots so that it doesn’t show in your main balance, and feed it back in again as necessary - that’s what I do to stop myself spending my council tax bill in Wetherspoons :grin:

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Interesting read. It’s good to get insights on how does Monzo approach new features. If nothing else it helps realise there are many lesser known variables in every implementation and think twice before shouting for faster updates.