Scheduled/recurrent auto top-up from Debit card


I’ve recently set up a standing order to my Monzo card, but wished for the weekly allowance to enter my account at the start of each week. Due to the delay in standing orders/bank transfers, this means having to set the payments to go through on a Friday (as Santander only process standing orders Mon-Fri). Plus, when there is a bank holiday (as there was last week and is this week), this further delays the automated payment further still.

I was therefore wondering whether it would be possible to set up an automated recurrent payment, say with the options ‘weekly’ or ‘daily’, upon which my linked debit card can be charged the user set amount and the money therefore goes through near enough instantaneously?

I suppose this probably won’t be an issue when Monzo are properly up and running as a fully fledged bank, but it could be a useful feature regardless for people managing their money.

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