Scheduled payments appearing unexpectedly

Hello, there are recurring payments that keep appearing in my “scheduled payments” tab, I have never set them up, and keep canceling them on & on, but they reappear… Can you please help?
Ex. A scheduled payment to Giffgaff keeps appearing despite the fact that auto renew is deactivated in their app. Also in the recap I can see that there have been over 40 payments done to giffgaff (I’ve been registered with them for 24 months only…). Can you kindly explain?
Same for gohenry.
Thank you for your help!

Just go to the transaction in your transaction history and tap turn off repeating payment.

If you tap into each on your scheduled list you can remove them the same way.

Giffgaff and GoHenry report back as regular recurring payments for most people.

Just swipe the toggle in the transactions to resolve.

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Thank you for your reply!

Thanks for the tips. I turn them off and remove them several times per week, but they keep coming back🙄 no real solution then. Thanks