Schedule payments into Pots!


I read somewhere that it’s whatever time you set the pot up. Someone will correct me if I’m wrong though

(Nick Slade) #82

@Rat_au_van is correct. I jumped in a chat and they confirmed the time at which the money is transfered, is the same time as when you set up the schedule

For example, I set up a scheduled pot payment at 14:32 on the 1st, so every month on the 1st at 14:32 the money will be transfered

(Edward Robert) #83

Looks like I’m getting up early in the morning to re set up. I like all of my bills/payments to come out first thing. Thanks for the info both! :+1:

(Scott Bryan) #84

If you go into your overdraft as scheduled payments go into your pot, will it stop? Pots currently don’t allow transfers when they are in the red.

(Shaun Coley) #85

Exactly - seems odd to have built the ability one-way only… :man_shrugging:t2:

(Shaun Coley) #86

Agreed - need this option, plus recurring moves from pots before I move over fully.

(Patrick) #87

No, but it is money that will not be on your main account. It shouldn’t contribute towards spending but it should definitely lower your “Left to spend”.

(Patrick) #88

Me three. I’ve a number of scheduled pot transfers which are inflating my Left to spend

(Ricky Nos) #89

Scheduled payments into pots does not follow the same frequency flexibility as we (android) are getting when selecting a recurring payment from the home screen.
Selecting a recurring payment gives me the option to choose any combination of number of day/week/month but schedule payment into pots is more restrictive.

(Nathan) #90

Will we be able to manage scheduled payments to pots in the future from the payments tab?

At the minute this only works via new pot creation which is a bit annoying having to create a new pot for each standing order and only 1 per pot.

(MikeF) #91

I’m not sure what you mean. I haven’t needed to create a new pot to set a pot schedule and I haven’t heard anyone on Android saying that they had to either ()I’m on iOS).

I use the ‘add’ button for the pot in question and then tap on the ‘Set scheduled payment’ text below the ‘Add to Pot’ button. Alternatively, if you use the ‘Add’ button to add money now you can set a schedule for future payments at the same time.

Am I missing something?

(Nathan) #92

Ohh my bad didnt realise it was in the add section.

Still would like to be able to edit a standing order instead of deleting and creating a new one but i suppose its not a massive pain point

(MikeF) #93

Yes. I’d have said I had no need of that but now we’re talking Pots then editing becomes much more useful.

(Colin Robinson) #94


Instead of having to recreate a standing order from scratch every time something changes, you can now just tap into it and make the change. It’s a small improvement, but removes just that extra bit of work you’d have to do otherwise.

(Nathan) #95

Seen this colin. Hopefully fixes this issue

At the minute my pot scheduled payments arent editable but thinking this may be because the first payment hasnt happened yet. Will check if they are editable once that happens

(Adam Kendrew) #96

Unfortunately scheduled payments to Pots aren’t editable at the moment. See here :point_down:t3:

(Tim Greaves) #97

A thought - for scheduled payments to pots, the amount is limited by how much is available at present to be put in the pot. A handy feature would be to allow the amount to ve greater than the currently available amount for situations like siphoning off large percentages of income.into pots the day after salary is paid. In the present setup I can do this by temporarily moving money out of a big pot, setting up the scheduled payment, then moving it back.

Great interface in general though - loving it, thank you :slight_smile:

(Peter Shillito) #98

The scheduled payments screen is looking a bit messy now with various scheduled movements both into and out of pots. Maybe splitting these up into tabs or something would be a better idea, as I’m only gonna be adding more. It’ll be a LOT cleaner if we can just have a toggle for subscriptions/direct debits to be moved in and out of pots automatically…

EDIT: Oh, the “Car Payments” pot is both my monthly PCP and the car insurance.


Virtual Youtuber? What’s that?

(Peter Shillito) #100

A youtuber that is virtual! Like Kizuna Ai! A self-proclaimed super intelligent artificial intelligence who posts videos to youtube! For example:

That transfer in particular is to set aside money for the pre-order I’ve had since March for the Nendoroid figure of her