Schedule payments into Pots!

Bit of a faff but you could do this with 2 monthly schedules or using IFTTT

Well with two monthly scheduled payments the problem is it’s not the same two days every month, it’s every two week.

I can’t find an IFTTT combination to support two week schedule payments.

Nor me. Monzo, IFTTT, nor Starling offer bi-weekly.

Best I can see is weekly payments of half the amount you wish to place in the pot, however, the issue then is not spending the second half before the next deposit!

If they had an option of every (x) days then people could customise that to whatever they liked, be it 7, 14, even 28 days cycles.

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It’s strange that they don’t have fortnightly as most people get paid on the same day every two weeks.

It’s in the works!

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  1. Set up a calendar event to run every 2 weeks and make sure you set the event title as something unique
    a. I used google calendar but I presume you could do it with others
    b. If you want a more dynamic value then set the description as the amount to pay into the pot
  2. Set up a trigger on the event
    a. on google calendar you can use “Event from search starts” and provide the unique title you set on your event
  3. Set the action as Monzo “Move money into a pot” with either a static amount or add the “Description” ingredient

It’s perfect, but we need to be able to edit the amounts as required. We review our budgets every few months. Right now it’s a real faff as you need to cancel the whole pot move the money across simply to change the scheduled payment (unless I missed something!).

I’ve worked around this to make IFTTT buttons to move amounts and edit the amount on IFTTT’s website instead :rofl:

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Mind sharing some of the recipes?

I’m not sure how to but it’s the following:
IF [button press service->widget button press] THEN [Monzo move into pot]
It requires the IFTTT app on your phone and you can make buttons on your home screen (Android) or add buttons to the IFTTT widget (iOS) or to the IFTTT watch app (watchOS).

Oh … there are loads of Monzo IFTT recipes on there. Will definitely be having a play - there is loads of useful stuff there.

I do think the ability to amend within the app for something like this would be optimal in the long term. I imagine it will be in a future update as SOs already have it and they are also in scheduled payments.

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If you want to edit the amount then just change the vue in the calendar event before it starts

I’ve got some scheduled pot transfers setup for payday, the 25th, and using the new summary logic, summary has hit early this month because of the weekend.

I don’t know if this has always been the case, I thought I would have noticed it before, but summary ignores scheduled transfers into pots and is telling me I have a lot more money available than I will do when Sunday comes around. Help!

Happy Cakeday Kumnaa!


If I have a direct debit due to come out tomorrow and I schedule a transfer from my ‘bills’ pot to the main account for tomorrow, will the transfer have been completed before the direct debit comes out?

There were issues in that area originally but, from memory, I think the transaction processing order supports that behaviour now.

oooh! pot transfers show up in the “Tomorrow” bit at the top of the feed now!

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Yup! I think they came in with Standing Orders last week.

Why can’t I schedule payments every 4 weeks. Some things are so so annoying because I get paid every 4 weeks! :tired_face:


You can