So I’m currently on a trip in poland, Gdańsk. The only method I had of payment was using my mobile phone contactless card from my iPhones wallet as i activated my Monzo plus card to early before I could have had it flown out to Poland for me.

So I went on a night out having a few drinks, and ended up in a strip club with a few mates just for drinks as everywhere closed quite early and they were the only places left open, I was given a few free drinks upon entry which I believe they was spiked because I wasn’t drunk before entering the club but became very drunk quickly even though I only had 2 largers in their and two shots.

The next day I woke up and had a ton of large amount payments which should not have been possible due to the limit on contactless cards the largest amount being £192!!! How is it possible for this to happen? I didn’t enter my pin on any of these payments so it’s concerning that someone could loose their card and someone could find it and spend without no limits and could potentially drain your bank account.

I also believe that it could have been possible that because i was spiked they was using my phone to make the contactless payments without my concent, money was also taken out of my savings account to make these payments.

I have raised a dispute but because obviously because I have no proof of receipts or anything what are the chances of me getting a charge back? It takes one google of this place to show I’m not the only one and I wish I had googled this place before entering,

The similar thing also happened to my friends and we all believe we was spiked as we was out casual drinking not out partying and hadn’t drank that much i was fully aware of everything until I had these “free” shots.

What are my options and what are the chances of getting my money back?

There’s no limits on Apple Pay transactions, as they’re all verified by either biometrics or passcode.


If they are doing this, then they have your phone unlocked/access to it. Then there’s no contactless limit with Apple/Google Pay.

Chances of getting the money back… I would say very slim! You’re in the bar, you’re spending before this, but the latter transactions (when you’re drunk?) are more expensive and you’re saying are fraud. This could easily look like buyers regret to Monzo.


Apple pay requires biometric authentication , so you must have done it while under the influence.

Monzo could try a chargeback I guess.

I would definitely file a police report in Poland.


We went to the police station the next day but the police just brushed it off and said there’s nothing they can do, but after doing some googling apparently most of the police are aware of this scams and some cases involved. I am aware my chances are slim because as another user stated it looks like buyers regret, but the amounts are ridiculous all payments are above £50 I also believe that because i was “drunk” they were changing to currency from polish zloty to British pounds so I am lead to think I’m paying 80 zloty but actually I’m paying £80!

It’s a very well known scam but you were lucky, some have thousands taken

Course mate :joy:


Sadly one for the life lessons book.


Hahaha I had the same experience in Poland 3 years ago, the only difference is we didn’t “invite” the girls for an expensive drink, we all ended up :face_vomiting: in the toilet.

I would pressure them to at least log it if they didn’t so maybe they’ll see a pattern and investigate and help other people.

Having been to Gdańsk with some polish friends they did warn me of one bar in particular that over charge for drinks etc (ie 2 drinks & charge hundreds)

It’s well known, and the police are fully aware of it.

There’s nothing you can really do about it other than request a chargeback.

If you believe your drinks were spiked, go to a hospital and ask for a toxicology report.

That only works if they where spiked with something other than alcohol :smirk:

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To be fair. If you went to Obsession Club in Gdańsk, then yes, it’s known for being very dodgy.

Avoid it if you ever go.

Just read some of the reviews online :ok_hand:

Put a subject access request for CCTV footage and payment records under GDPR which applies to all EU countries.

If they come back to you stating they don’t have any CCTV, they could be breaching their premises licence (or they would be here in the UK anyway, no idea what the Polish laws are).

If they refuse to provide it or don’t respond at all, you can kindly remind them of their obligation to comply under GDPR. If you still have no luck you can report them to the ICO-equivelant in Poland and it will support your chargeback case with Monzo.


Is it normal to have CCTV over the bar/till rather than the entrances? I suppose if the CCTV shows, for example, two lagers being handed over and the transaction amount is ~£100 then I suppose that would support your claim. But is it illegal to charge £50 a lager?

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Certainly no expert in law, Polish or otherwise, but I imagine they can charge whatever they like, so long as they agreed it with you

Getting serious day out London vibes though!

Yes, very helpful for a number of potential disputes, but also to discourage employee theft. It may also form part of the licencing conditions, especially if there is risk of restricted products being sold to underage customers or risk of antisocial behaviour.

Note, this only applies to premises covered by the English licencing law. No idea how it works in other parts of the UK or EU.

It will paint a clearer picture and give OP a much better idea of what really happened. By the sounds of things, OP doesn’t really know what happened that night. If CCTV shows it was them using the card and they agreed to the prices, they’re SOL. But if someone else was absuing OP’s card or the prices were manually typed on the till without OP’s knowledge, they definitely have some supporting evidence for the chargeback and maybe some evidence to report a crime.

Doubt a strip club would have cctv, so unlikely to see them serving 2 drinks and charging £100 for example

Nope. Nothing illegal about it. It’s illegal if the price is advertised elsewhere as lower or whatever. But this is in a different country. So who knows.

But from what my friend told me about this place, it’s the place where you just have to accept it’s happened & probably won’t get your money back. :frowning:

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