Scam iOS apps forcing payments

This is pretty interesting. I’m surprised it slipped past Apple’s QA.

Apparently the way that it works is to request that users scan their finger under the pretense of “collecting health data” and as soon as you do that, it pops up with a quick in-app purchase request whilst your finger is still on the button.


Gosh that’s awful?!

Apple’s QA process has been broken for a while. This is similar to apps that provide you a “free” trial of a few days and then charge extreme prices such as 99£/month or something.

Furthermore the process for reviewing purchases on your Apple account is a complete disaster. There’s no way to do so from iOS. I believe the only way to do it is still via iTunes and that is slow as hell (pages take several seconds to respond to a click). There’s also no easy way to report this kind of abuse; you have to call/chat with them.

It’s as if Apple was happy with the situation and only responding if things blow up and the media picks it up. If they cared they’d implement an easy way to report this fraud straight from iOS.

This is so, so scummy :weary:

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