Say hello to the Coral Crew!

(Richard) #41

Hey Coral Crew! I hope I can start to familiarise myself with this whole community thing and start to get to grips with how to chat to people on here!

I’m really intrigued about the way money worries affects our mental health, I know that using Monzo has certainly taken the strain off for me!

(Is Santa here yet?) #42

Hi Richard :wave:

It can be a bit confusing but you’ll soon get the hang of it :sunglasses:

Have you read any of the blogs written for mental health week? If you search using the frying pan looking icon at the top under ‘mental health’ you should be able to find them. :+1:

(Richard) #43

Thank you, Emma!

The thing that confuses me most is how to reply to people in threads and topics. I guess I just need to spend some time figuring it all out and I’ll get used to it!

Thanks for the heads up re the mental health stuff, I’ll go and investigate! :grin:

(Is Santa here yet?) #44

Think you figured out the reply to specific person. There’s a very good reason I’m not a graphic designer :woman_artist:

Or you can @ the user in the reply. Once you use @ you will get a list of users who’ve posted and just do the first letter or 2 to make it easier.

(Colin Robinson) #45

@Rat_au_van Don’t forget there always the @monzobot to learn about how this Discourse forum works :grinning:

(Monzobot) #46

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @monzobot display help.

(Jolin) #47

Also, if you select some text, a grey Quote button will appear.


Tap/click that, and you will get a new reply started with the selected text already quoted (as in this post).

(Paul Henshaw) #48

Congrats and welcome :raised_hands: