Say hello to the Coral Crew!

(Richard Cook) #21

Fab idea!


Well done both of you!


(Mark Woosey) #24


(Also Chip is more fun with every new illustration)

(Tony) #25

Pfft. I suggested “The Clean-up Crew” as the new name for Leaders, and you’ve totally stolen my suggestion, tweaked it a bit and claimed it as your own!


(Kieran McCann ) #26

Hello Coral Crew :wave:t2: both new and old. Always doing your best to keep the forum in some sort of order even if we can get a bit rowdy. :joy:

looking forward to seeing you around the forum with your new fancy badge.

(Kieran McCann ) #27

I do love seeing a new chip illustration.


Congrats dudes :sunglasses:


We, uh, hadn’t told them about that yet.

(Only available in amateur ) #30

That’s what they meant by swag. I expected stickers :cry:

(Mark Edmonds) #31

The fact you haven’t made @Danny glorious leader is appalling. Worse then the Apple Pay gaffe!

(Jonathon) #32

I like the name.

I. Want. The. Name.

(Eve) #33

Thank you everyone! I entirely missed this yesterday :scream:

(Colin Robinson) #34

Welcome to Eve & Emma - thanks for being such a good part of the community!

(Naji Esiri) #35

@evangelskies @Rat_au_van Big congratulations to you both! Really happy to have you onboard :grinning:

(Eve) #36

I’m actually more of a cat lover… but the difference is very slight :joy: all animals are universally awesome and we don’t deserve them

(Campbell Prosser) #37

Congratulations both :tada: @evangelskies @Rat_au_van

(Ben Talbot) #38

Man I want to be part of this coolcrew :cry:

(Ziad) #39

Hello :wave: Coral Crew.

(Hugo Card) #40

Congrats all!