Savings Pots Feedback

(Jeremy) #367

That’s fair enough then, must get some new glasses!

(Splodf) #368

Apologies I’ve scan read the thread but cannot see an answer.

Is there a limit to the amount of ‘Investec Pots’ you can create?


My educated guess would be that the number of ‘Investec Pots’ you can create is limited by the total number of pots you can create, which is currently 20 per account (I think).

NB: unfortunately this is quite difficult to test unless someone has 21 grand lying around.

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #370

From the T’s & C’s of the Savings Pot:

You can have more than one Flexible Savings Pot, but the £250,000 maximum applies to the total amount across all your Flexible Savings Pots, not per Pot.

I interpret that as there being no limit to the amount of pots, just the amount of money within those pots :smiley:

I’ve seen accounts with a couple of Investec pots :smiley: There’s no rule against it so I’d say it’s safe to assume you can open as many as you like (within the 20 pot limit) :sunglasses:

(Splodf) #371

How did I know you’d know :wink:

Thanks @awjdean as well for your answer!

(Abimbola A) #372

it says in the original post ‘you can open up to 10 Savings Pots if you like.’

(Philip Brown) #373

Any ideas when you’re allowing more people to save?