Savings Pots Feedback

(Tom) #263

Ah ok, cheers! Like I said, I’m not using them, must have mis-read something previously!


Great this is now 100% open!

Quick feedback:

5" screen.


Need to make the minimum save more realistic though. Not everyone has a grand spare.

(MikeF) #266

That was deliberate (as explained further back) to keep the Monzo savings to loans ratio sufficient for them to continue lending. Presumably that’s something that can change as the size of the bank grows.

(Nick) #267

Has the pulse graph been tweaked in response to the savings pots? I had big spike from moving my savings into Monzo and back out again that’s smoothed itself today.

(Tom ) #268

@Jami Just a minor thing…

When clicking on the ‘i’ for information about the savings pot - and then selecting “Your savings agreement” the title of the page is “One more thing” as per the original sign up flow which doesn’t make sense in this context.

(Andy) #269

I noticed this too. I’m assuming it’s just calling up the same screen as is used during the initial flow


Quick question please - when withdrawing from an interest bearing pot what time does the money land in the account next working day?

(Chris Rimell) #271

It varies I think, I’ve withdrawn twice so far and once it was around 1 and the second was at 4.

The withdrawal notification in your feed will say 3pm on it but when you look at the transaction it just says at the end of the day. I’ve flagged that as needing attention as it’s confusing


Cheers thank you!


Is there any way to cancel a deposit? While setting up a scheduled deposit, I was distracted by the telly, and I accidently sent my entire (small) balance into the pot leaving me with 0 :worried: I immediately withdraw it back out again but it’s now in its 24 hour pending state and being working days I won’t have any money until Tuesday?

(Andy) #275

I don’t believe so but I’d ask via inapp chat and mark your question as urgent

(Kevyn) #276

Not to sound pessimistic, but is there much point contacting CS? There is more chance 2 days will elapse and the money returned than CS getting back to @kumnaa in the same period of time.

(Steve Daniels) #277

Is anyone elses pot summary, on the summary page wrong? I shifted money around and created multiple pots last week but the summary just kept adding. It now looks like I’m a few grand richer then I am…

Also sub pots would be nice especially with the one k limit with the Investec partnership. I obviously want all of my savings to attract interest, but I’d still like to be able to divide them to see how much I have saved in each. So splitting a whole pot into sub pots might just be the answer?

(Grant MacGregor) #278

Switch your CA to First Direct (as they will offer the 5% savings rate).

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #279

Not if he marks it as urgent, it will likely be less than 10 minutes :slight_smile:

(Bruce) #280

That’s a regular saver with some strict rules, very different offering


I don’t plan on spending anything for the next couple of days and I’ve got money in real time pots I can use so I’m not to bothered but others might not be so lucky in the future :neutral_face:

(AllanW) #282

So I’ve overspent on early Christmas presents. On Saturday I decided that I needed to top up my account with from Savings Pot. It’s after 12pm on Monday and I still don’t have my money! This isn’t a good customer experience.


This is what is putting me off. If there wasnt a £1000 limit I could probably live with it and put an amount away that I wont need instantly.