Savings Pots Feedback


Come out of Monzo app and go back in - create a savings pot and it will work. :+1:

(Jack) #243

Nice wallpaper


Thanks - I stole it from someone on Reddit - The animation when coming out of apps, back to the home screen on the iPhone X is great (it kinda fades in the border - Which is an iOS thing more than anything, but it’s really effective with this background).

Try restarting your app?

(Heather) #245

Unfortunately I would have loved to have used this feature, but the 1% interest is not a draw for me. Plus £1k min to open.
Got my money elsewhere earning more.

(Bruce) #246

I reinstalled and it worked

(Bruce) #247

A bug
iOS latest stable release

Moved money from pot into current account, clicked create new pot; when I got to adding £ it showed my current accounts old balance.

I had to go back out of pots to my summary then back to create and it worked.

An ask
It would be great to setup a savings pot from another pot reducing the extra step. Realise this may be in place as pot to pot isn’t tracked.

(Jack Stride) #248

Didn’t work, had to uninstall and reinstall app. Annoying that this bug has affected a lot of people

(Chris Rimell) #249

I’ve flagged to the COps that it’s a little confusing that withdrawals show a transaction time of 15:00. As happened with me today, this wasn’t available until after this time, so it just generates confusion and unnecessary worry. Fine if it shows a transaction time, but it should be later if it can take longer to withdraw

(Chris Rimell) #251

I think you may have misunderstood me. I raised with the COps because I needed the money and thought something had gone wrong. I provided the feedback off the back of that

(Tom Cohen) #252

I’m in!
Pretty useful for me, as I always aim to keep a couple of months’ worth of expenses in my current account as an emergency fund. One day delay is not a big deal, because tapping into the fund shouldn’t be a moment’s notice thing anyways. And given that it was just laying there in a pot up to this point, 1% is pretty cool - this isn’t my investment money, so maximising return isn’t as important as accessibility and stability.

(Edward Robert) #253

Can someone answer a question for me before I decide to open a savings account with the 1% interest.

If I had £1000 in there but then needed to withdraw £400 for example, thus taking below the £1000 miniumn, would the account automatically close and if so, can I open another one at a later date?

(Is Santa here yet?) #254

Yes and yes :grin:


Got the invite to open a Savings Pot in my feed today, however, it is now safely stored elsewhere at a greater rate and no ‘spare’ £1,000 to test one with.

Not a worry yet though. Will wait and see if future offerings are more attractive.

(Edward Nigma) #256

I’d like the ability to add custom images for my savings pot. Right now they’re just abstract images or blocks of colours.

(Graham - Mental health professional) #257

Can I point you to this thread where your plea is echoed and discussed. Pot Images

(Jami Welch) #258

If you want to withdraw moey that will take you below £1000, you’ll need to close the pot and withdraw everything.

You can create another Savings Pot at a later date. Hope this helps!

(Jami Welch) #259

Hey all,

Yesterday we enabled Savings Pots for all remaining accounts :tada:

If you still see the ‘coming soon’ screen, no need to uninstall and re-install the app, just navigate to your feed and back to
the create Pot flow and the option should be visible.


(Tom) #260

I was under the impression that when the Savings Pot went below £1000, it automatically reverted to a standard, non-interest, pot? Do you have to now fully withdraw everything?

(I don’t use the savings pot, just curious :+1:)

(Jami Welch) #261

You have to close the pot. This is always how they worked, from what I can remember!

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #262

Correct :slight_smile: It won’t allow you to withdraw an amount that will take you below the £1,000 minimum so you have to delete the pot.