Savings Pot Rates & Options

I’ve noticed that a lot of the instant (well 24-hours) access savings pot options are currently unavailable. The website says that they’ll “be back soon”. Does anyone know what’s happened to them?

I also note that Shawbrook currently have an instant access that pays 1.41% - it’s a top choice on MSE at the moment. While Monzo would obviously take a cut, it would be great to see something at least close to this in the app if possible.

Where are you seeing this? I can create an instant access savings pot…

P. S. When did the screens change to be like the above? :open_mouth:


I suspect 3rd parties will just add and remove availability based on their need for new deposits


Not sure when it first changed to that, but it’s been like that since before xmas I think

They’re pretty, aren’t they? :heart_eyes: Android this week I think, iOS before Christmas

But there’s no isa option now, 3 month fixed rate has gone and there’s only 2 instant savings pot options now

They come and go

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Ahhh I’m Android but still never saw any discussion around the change on here :open_mouth:

I like it too, much neater and they have their own tab now :slight_smile:


Easy access and instant access are essentially the same thing.

To see all the options (and see that shawbrook is not currently available) scroll to the final card (spread your savings) and you can then choose which account you want, instead of having monzo auto-pick the best available easy access rate.

Yep just seen if by the link someone posted above. My bad!

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The design is not like that for me. I’m on iOS latest TestFlight and still have the original ‘open pot’ screens.

Here’s where I saw it…

This offering requires a minimum investment of £1000 though, and allows a minimum withdrawal of £500. Unlikely, imo, to attract many Monzo customers, especially at a lower rate than offered direct simply for convenience of it being in the app.


Ah, good spot @PaulUK. Would still be interesting to understand how Monzo and their partner savings banks determine which accounts to offer in-app, and which ones won’t feature. Personally, I’d be up for a slightly reduced rate for the convenience, if I had that money to put aside.

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@simonb I don’t suppose you’d know when the other savings pots might be available again?

My partner just opened the Easy Access Saver (Paragon) and got a rate of 1.10%, yet I get offered 1.15% for exactly the same account.

Is that meant to be the case?

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They were unavailable for a while and reappeared with an updated rate last week

Think they’re anticipating an interest rate cut

Paragon is still showing as 1.15% for me

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Thanks. Not that it really makes any odds! It’s a difference of 50p per £1000 saved per year!

Was just wondering what the deal was…

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If I go to open an easy access savings pot im offered 1.10% with paragon

When my partner goes to open an easy access savings pot she is offered 0.90% with paragon

In both cases it says “HIGHEST EASY ACCESS RATE”

Which strikes me as being false advertising to my partner…


Interesting, can you actually open the 1.10% account? Could potentially be a bug as 1.1% was the old Paragon rate.

I’m offered 1.15%

It would seem the rates are personalised?