Save together with Pots on joint accounts!

(Kyle Risi) #22

Is there an option to go full monzo on a joint account?


Are you asking if you can use the switch service on a joint account?


I thought Round Ups worked?

FullMonzo isn’t a single thing - It causes more confusion than anything else.

Can you get your salary paid in, and bills paid out? Yes.

That is pretty much the definition of FullMonzo according to Monzo themselves. :smiley:

(Kyle Risi) #25

yes, I am already full monzo with my main account, now thinking about switching over our Joint account


You can’t CASS to a joint account yet (not the same as FullMonzo).

I manually switched about 18 DD’s, and it was much easier than I thought it would be (with Nationwide being the slowest! :joy:)


Do you mean moving your current salary etc from your solo monzo account to your joint monzo account?

(Tom) #28

Personally, I’ve been looking forward to joint pots as a way of ring-fencing money, temporarily. Not necessarily enough to warrant being worried about interest, plus it is always earmarked for stuff in the near/medium-term.

With Lloyds, that involved a savings account in my name, so my wife wasn’t able to access. Starling joint account was an option, but the wife prefers Monzo, so here we are!


That’s fair - I think the reason it’ll never work for me is because I move everything out at the start of the month (after salary and bills), to leave only a small amount in the main accounts (for emergencies).

At the end of the month, I withdraw X amount to cover the amex bill, and start again.

When we have bills from Pots, it’ll be very useful, and I’ll definitely use them then!

(Kyle Risi) #30

No, I mean moving my direct debits that currently come out of my halifax joint account, over to my Monzo joint account using the switching service.

(MikeF) #31

They do for card transactions. They’ve never been implemented for Direct Debits to date.


:see_no_evil: ignore me.


Monzo do have the saving pot which you could put everything in, though I accept it isnt as much as Marcus


I’m not going to open that can of worms again :joy:

The Monzo savings pot doesn’t work for me on a number of things.

But that should take nothing away from the fact they’ve brought them to the table for Joint Accounts! Clearly they are useful to lots of people.

(Kyle Risi) #35

Ahh I see, In that case I’ll just hold off on switching for now, I can’t be bothered to move all my dd over :confused:

(Dan) #36

My wife just signed up for Monzo yesterday and our joint account went live this afternoon. Excellent timing! We’ll be moving all our direct debits and pay this week. :slight_smile:

(Kyle Risi) #37

Question is, what do others use pots within a joint account for? surely the joint account is essentially in itself a shared pot. Dump money in from main account, wait for DD to come out. :thinking:

(Tom) #38

My joint account is my main account! Before Monzo/Starling, I hadn’t had a sole current account for years. The addition of pots just gives Monzo’s joint accounts parity with the sole accounts.


Some people use a joint account closer to their main account

Things couples do together may go on their i.e. dinners out with friends stuff like that

(#fullmonzo joint account since Aug18) #40

Sounds like we have the same use case for the joint account and Marcus. There’s a good list of things that work in a personal account but not on a joint and I look forward to the day that joint accounts have feature parity with single accounts :partying_face:

(MikeF) #41

If you insist… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: