Save money

(Patrick Mukeras) #1

Monzo should see if they can connect to stores and restaurants open data. So whenever anything in store or restaurants price goes down (depending on how frequently the user goes to the shop) Monzo should send a notification to user if any prices went down etc

(Louis Otto) #2

Surely this would cause you to spend more than you originally intended?

I think studies proved supermarkets make tons of extra money by putting sales items in the main aisles - people add things they didn’t intend to buy in the first place.

If you got pinged saying your favourite restaurant has an offer on right now, you’d go there (maybe if you didn’t have any plans to go in the first place) and spend money.

Google already alerts me every time there’s a deal on in Argos, Sainsburys whatever when I’m near it and the notification always gets skipped because it’s a nuisance.

Just my two cents of course

(Ian) #3

That comes down to self control though in my eyes.

It’s like shopping on Amazon, if there’s something I want, but don’t need, I’ll leave it in my basket for a week or two, if the price comes down (usually does) by a decent enough amount I’ll take another look and may well buy it.

Maybe having the feature, but being able to opt in would be an option.