Save for a holiday whenever it rains IFTTT

Good Morning All,

I have this setup on my phone to run, and I woke up this morning, and I saw that it had rained, (what I expected to be overnight), but from accessing Monzo (I saw that no money had transferred over to my selected Pot, and IFTTT the Applet did not run last night, it has last run successfully for me on the 14th July, which to me I’m a bit shocked about.

I’ve tried to check Weather Underground against Historical Weather (i.e. yesterday) and it shows as 0% precipitation and for today.

Location: Bedford.

I wasn’t at home last night, so wasn’t connected to WiFi so is this why it has not worked? I’ve not used IFTTT until now.

You might want to ask this in the IFTTT support topic so it doesn’t get missed.

However if the weather app is showing that it wasn’t forecast rain then it wont move the funds. The app can’t see out of the window to tell if it actually did rain or not.


If WU said it didn’t rain, then IFTTT thinks it didn’t rain? That simple??


That’s why it didn’t trigger. No rain on WU, no trigger.


I’m a bit confused about what there is in this to be shocked about?

(I suspect I’m over sensitive on the use of the word, to be honest, but I don’t feel this is important enough for genuine shock.)


Yes, I guess using the word ‘Shocked’ was a bit extreme. :slight_smile:

That it hasn’t rained in Bedford since 14th July? It is summer, after all, it’s supposed to rain every day :joy:


That it hasn’t rained in Bedford since 14th July? It is summer, after all, it’s supposed to rain every day :joy:

No this is what is supposedly does in Manchester most days.

Back to the OP weather apps as we know can be unreliable- how many times has washing been hung out or logs left to dry & the unexpected rain has arrived.
It possibly might be better if somehow the IFTTT worked with radar info and has noted rain falling.

I’d suggest your sensitivity is the issue here. Curious as to why you felt the need to reply stating this though? Who is this response helping?

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Oi, we get about 140 days of rain a year. That’s not “most” days.

It’s just “a lot” :frowning_face:

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Pffftt, practically a desert! Come to Glasgow and bathe in our 201 days of rain a year!! (which is great, it’s why it’s so lovely and green!)


It’s raining here right now :expressionless:

Fine, you win!! :cloud_with_rain::laughing:

Mine has triggered, it’s hammering down here in South Wales (proper Welsh summer)

Still no sign of the OP :thinking:

Was it just a misunderstanding of how the applet works? was it configured incorrectly? - we need closure! :grimacing:

Are you trapped inside your house looking at rain? :scream:

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@Ordog - It’s fine, I understood that if WU doesn’t believe it was raining, then the Applet was not going to work :slight_smile:


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