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I’m not the easiest person to impress (candidly, I’m pernickerty) so the following remarks should be seen in that context.

The enquiry scenario involved a plethora of queries on my part, all answered unhesitatingly and to my complete satisfaction as a nervous, sceptical, cautious potential customer contacting an unknown company. Subsequently, the application process itself was plagued by a plethora of technical frustrations. However, I was MORE than impressed with how Monzo handled the entire caboodle from start to finish, viz efficiently (refreshingly, no telephone jingles and every call unfailingly answered promptly and, mercifully, by folks for whom English was their first language, unlike some competitors). In summary the cumulative image was one of consummate professionalism. What’s more, my card arrived today, a mere two days after applying for it - incidentally, I loved the interim ‘walking card’ on the app informing me that it was on its way, a nice creative touch. From my short acquaintance with the company I not simply take off my hat to Monzo (I’ve yet to use the card…),I throw it high into the air.

Thus far they’ve been beyond excellent.


For me it does not matter if English is their mother tongue. I sometimes find it easier to understand an Estonian or Norwegian talking my language than a heavily accented Scot, and while many complain of Indian call centres I have often found their customer service better than many Brits. So I am not seeking a post-Brexit linguisticly pure Customer Service just one that is clear and competant

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Same, I’m a people-person. I’d rather talk to a human than an automated call system that attempts to recognise your voice and direct your query…

Accents are all part of the fun when talking with others :smile:

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I think you might be surprised! :smiley:
Monzo said on their blog that:

We have 19 different nationalities in our team, although 61% of the team are British.

I don’t mean to make you revert what you considered as an upside, I’m merely trying to express that customer service has to be done right first. :wink:


I say
You are certainly putting it in plain English , I have to add this comment , aside some small errors on the tec side of it the thing I love the most is the fluorescent tangerine colour of the card , is a thing to be hold :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I love it :heart_eyes: someone as to be rewarded for the idea. :ok_hand:

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The reason I expressed myself so strongly on the question of English
language clarity is because - without wearying you with the details - I
suffered an indelibly memorable, horrendous experience in Vietnam last year
when amidst a noisy hotel reception area I had the very greatest difficulty
understanding a rival card provider’s ‘attempts’ to assist me in an
emergency situation. It immensely added to my already acute distress. It
was the last straw on top of a mound of other problems during my sojourn
which finally caused me to abort an intended 3-week regional tour and fly
back home after the eighth day.

Topic now closed from my end.

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