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There will be some research done which concludes it makes the app more personal, more like a social network.


I guess making it more personal makes sense. Will be the same reason the new app lets you choose a theme for the logon screen, and it seems will eventually let you upload your own photos to it.

£2.50 Sainsbury’s voucher! Definitely getting more stuff from Boosts than I ever did with Retailer Rewards.

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Has anyone who downloaded the Santander One App on the Play Store still got it?

Just wondering if it’s still being updated as it’s been removed from the Play Store and they are in need of a major refresh

I have it. It’s rather limited and a lot “coming soon”, thankfully don’t use the account for much.

Basic stuff works like transfers but that’s about it.

I wouldn’t be desperate to start using Santander One App. They are clearly still testing it so most of the features are still not available. Updates do appear to be getting more frequent, however, these appear to be behind the scenes changes with few usability changes so far.

Was wondering if they were ever going to increase the interest rate on the limited edition savers from a few months ago.

Not complaining but probably too late with that - people would have moved to Chase/Zopa/Chip ages ago I would think

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I highly doubt everyone is always changing their savings provider for the best rate.

I’d bet a good 75-80% do :sweat_smile: regardless of amount.

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It will be less. According to the following (from late last year) around 50% haven’t switched savings provider in the last 5 years and around a third have never switched


Don’t forget theres a large portion of older people who still form a large demographic of people with savings accounts, santander is full of older customers who use their passbook account like a debit account as they don’t know how to change or don’t understand how.

So I would expect the percentage to be an average of maybe 20-30% of people who regularly move their savings for better rates.


With this account specifically though, as it was only available for 1 or 2 weeks, online only I would think most people would have withdrawn by now.

Still not complaining about it of course, for those who have funds in it and prefer larger banks it’s great.

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Santander has added the ability to change payment limits. It’s an extra option in the “more” section.

Santander’s One App has been updated again. The standout feature this time is biometric approval being added. I’m not buying anything any time soon so can’t really test it out unfortunately to see if it actually works.

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How does one become at one with One?

Seriously, I would like to try it :stuck_out_tongue:

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I just downloaded the app from Google Play and logged in. No idea if that still works.

Santander has updated their app yet again (this time, their normal app) to add My Home Manager. It’s essentially a collected of information and links about household stuff like energy ratings, broadband providers, tradespeople. It uses the address on your account to help access this stuff a bit easier.

I received a terms and conditions update from Santander yesterday. For once, I read through it and one surprising thing stood out.

What we’ll do if you give us the wrong account details and we make a payment

We’re making clear what we’ll do if a payment is made incorrectly because you’ve given us the wrong account details. If you ask us to, we can request details of the person who received the money from the other bank and share these with you. You can then try to recover the payment yourself.

I’ve never seen this before, though there are some new rules from the FCA coming into force from 31 July which might be behind this.

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