Samsung S5 problem

I am unable to download Monzo to my Samsung S5. It simply says the app does not match my device.
Could you please help understand what might be the problem?


Do you have Android 5.0 or later installed?

EDIT: I found this link which explains how to find out what version you are running.

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It says the version is 4.4.2

The Monzo app requires version 5.0 or newer. Version 4 is really quite old. You can check if there is an update by following the steps below:

Make sure your phone is connected to wi-fi. Simply pull down the notification area and press the leftmost button named Wi-Fi. Alternately you could do this using mobile data but this could get expensive if you are not on a data plan with your operator.

Press the apps icon to take you to your apps.

Find and press the settings icon to take you to the settings menu.

Scroll down, close to the bottom of the screen and press the About Device.

At the top there is a tab named Software update, press it.

On the next screen there is a tab named Update, press that one.

Your phone will now connect to the Samsung servers and if there is a update available the upgrade should start imminently.

There is always a small chance that something could go wrong so I would always suggest taking a backup of all of your photos and contacts just in case, however I have never had an update go wrong in all my years of updating phones, but I have to let you know and I’m not to be held responsible for anything that goes wrong.

Once you are on a newer version, you will be able to download the Monzo app :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.


Thank you!
I tried doing that. it says that it failed updating the firmware or something of that sort.
Any idea what that means?

clear cache…free up memory. Then try again.

Thank you.
could it be related to the fact I bought the phone in Israel?

Hey Julie! As mentioned above, your phone needs to be on Android 5.0 to work with our app.

If the automatic firmware update isn’t working, you may need to download a program called Samsung Kies to your computer, plug your phone in and do the update that way. Samsung will have issued the 5.0 update in all countries so the fact that you bought it in Israel shouldn’t be an issue.


Cleaned the cache , lots of free space, Once it starts to upload updates it says ERROR at a certain point and stops the update

Try Samsung Kies like @simonb suggests

Thank you all very much
I managed to update the phone and now it works
Much appreciated!