Samsung Galaxy S9

wifi calling :white_check_mark:
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Samsung copy of iPhone :negative_squared_cross_mark:


I haven’t tried this myself, but for my next phone I intend to buy online from CEX as you have 14 days in which to return it under the distance selling rules, and it can be returned to your nearest branch. The advantage being, you don’t need to show that it is faulty.

Anyone considering the Sony XZ2? As good as the S9 in pretty much every respect, although slightly lower res (FHD+) screen, closer to stock Android and £100 - £200 cheaper.

I’m seriously considering it instead of the S9 - I used to love the Sony Xperia phones back in the day.

Specially since the default setting of the S8 and probably the S9 is FHD+ and I’ve never changed it (to save a bit of battery) so won’t even notice the difference in resolution.

Sony’s 6 month release cycle was really annoying though - wonder if they still do that?

If that compact version didn’t lack wireless charging I’d already be in there!

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to be honest, after the S7 and S8 I’m super disappointed and i doubt that S9 will make anything better. according to presentation, at least to my opinion, nearly nothing changed. Now i’m honestly thinking about a

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Not decided on actually getting an S9 yet.

I just saw an advert for it on TV and if you took away the Samsung logo at the end - it could have been an iPhone ad. It really put me off.

I understand that they have to try and get iPhone users across - but that kind of branding and image isn’t for me.

I’ve got the XZ Premium and have been very happy with it. Will certainly be looking at the XZ2.

Sony have been pretty fast releasing updates too