Samsung Galaxy S23 thread

Awesome, I hope you like the phone

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I sent my S23 Ultra back.

They sent me a £150 off email a few days after receiving it, so back it went and re-ordered and a graphite 512GB one should arrive this week. £431 for the phone and a case, with trade in. :grin:


That’s not bad at all!

They do seem to be offering some heavy discounts and incentives this year, instead of a free gift.


I missed the best of the Samsung deals by a day or two :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: but still got a bargain.

Mine (the Mrs’) is coming tomorrow.

Genuinely had no interest in the S23 Ultra and the Mrs wasn’t looking for an upgrade but the Samsung deals just make it so tempting.

Meanwhile, I’ll likely be keeping my 13PM for at least another year.

I’m looking at the iPhone 15 with interest, i think i’m going to be on a bi-yearly upgrade cycle now, I used to be yearly, if not every 6 months

Any screen protector recommendations?

For some reason my go to Spigen EZ Fit option isn’t available for the Ultra (but is for the regular S23).

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