Samsung Galaxy S23 thread

So…. I get o2 open discount with my employer, so I looked at getting the S23 ultra after the Unpacked event yesterday

Now, here’s the issue: o2 open is excluded for the S23 ultra 256gb, so I was looking at the 512gb version as it’s not listed as excluded

O2 and Samsung currently offer a “get 512gb for 256gb price” offer. So I guess o2 are using that as a cop out? As the discounts apparently don’t stack according to an O2 sales rep I talked to today

O2 can’t seem to give me a clear answer. If the 512gb version is also excluded, they shouldn’t have stipulated the 256gb version only in the exclusion list

Use this for general talk about the phone series too

I watched the MKBHD video and was struck by how apathetic I felt.

Phones have got so good that they’re just boring. I was thinking about upgrading the Mrs from her S21 Ultra but realised that this was just for the sake of upgrading more than any real reason.

The iPhone is the same for me right now, my 13PM is incredible and I feel like I could easily hang onto it until at least the iPhone 16.

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I’m not familiar with this O2 thingy and always buy phones direct from manufacturers anyway so can’t help, sorry. Samsung tend to sell their phones for two peanuts and a few pebbles if you trade in anything, no?

I felt the same. Although it’s the same for the iPhone Apple somehow manage to keep up the excitement to some extent which I think is down to their excellent keynotes.

I’ve been saying this for years but the shiny always takes over. This year I fully expect to be upgrading to get back on the Max train (sorry regular Pro people but this thing is tiny and battery life is crap) and for that maybe-USB-C charger.

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I was going to buy through PAW but they offer a lower trade in value to make up for the discount on the phone, so it was cheaper overall to buy from Samsung without the PAW discount, and trade in my current phone and also made £30 from topcashback.

Though I now with I’d picked Graphite.

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I wanted to get it for the Camera upgrade, but I think I’m going to wait for the camera tests to officially come out, my iPhone 13PM takes some amazing photos

As always, the new phone will be better in reviewers eye’s just because of the marketing. Also, it would mean my homepod mini/AirTags become essentially useless if I switch back to Android

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Probably better waiting a few months when it drops in price and the plans are better fitted.

And ofc O2 Open will likely be applicable in a few months.

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Oh no not another person spending a fortune on an Android phone only to return to iPhone sharpish!

Welcome to the Hotel California Apple ecosystem. You can check out any time you like but you can never leave.


I feel seen. :sweat_smile:

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I’m glad I dipped my toes in with a 4a before jumping. I realised what a colossal mistake that would’ve been. Play Store alone means I’ll likely never go back to Android.


Ahaha, yes. definitely this! I used to swap between iOS and Android on a whim, but I now have too much apple stuff :slight_smile:

Fair, the Play Store has been better in recent years, but it’s still full of mostly garbage - but the iOS Appstore is too… I kept seeing adverts for the freemium game “Family farm adventure” the game is nothing like the adverts (No, i haven’t spent money in it, I outright refuse)

I am just glad that Samsung finally caved and gave everyone the same SnapDragon processor. I think it’s likely that they’re inhouse Exynos was just too different in the camera department

having had the s21 ultra ‘experience’ never again would i touch a samsung phone unfortunatly


The camera on the S21U (which I had), had issues focusing most of the time, I didn’t like it

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after one of the updates i could no longer update apps through google play without a factory reset first , after 5 resets i had had ennough and swapped to an oppo , still miss my huawei p30 pro and would jump back to it in a heart beat but the no google play makes it a no no

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I do this too.

They usually have a cashback deal of their own running, then layer on TopCashback (or similar), plus cashback from a credit card, plus trade in + usually an additional reduction for trading in, plus a discount code… you can pretty much get them down to half price.

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Vodafone just messaged me about it, this is what they’re wanting, based off my call plan selection.

I’m not buying one as happy with my Pixel

Edit - that was without trade in

I usually do that too, but I wanted to use o2 switch up. as they advertise you can get a new phone when you like, as often as you like

Basically, if toy give the phone back, they cancel the contract with no fee and you start a new one. Good for a person like me who seems to switch phones every 6 or so months (used to)

as an added bonus, it is 25% off with o2 open. (off the device + airtime, I think). so a £70 a month contact (no discount) would be £52.50 a month, which seems like an OK deal

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O2 Open is solely on the airtime plan, not the device plan…

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Ah… Oops. May as well use my friends, Friends and Family code, if I want the phone, both give me 25% off the Airtime plan, except there’s no limit on what phones I can/can’t use it with, unlike the o2 Open discount

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S23 Ultra in Green arrived today very pleased with it so far

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