Salary sorter and those on a wage or other form of variable income

One question I have for people on a wage like myself rather than a salary is how does the sorter react to different amounts every payday.
Would be nice for a percentage option too.

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You have the option to amend it when you get the next incoming payment that qualifies

You can then tinker with it for income that varies

I have a variable income. A percentage option would be nice for tax purposes (I’m self employed so complete a SATR) but realistically, my bills are fixed so I suspect that if a percentage option was available, I still wouldn’t use it.

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I’m gonna give it a try when my wages get paid into my monzo account for the first time of friday.
Annoying but the tool itself is useful.
My pay is complicated as its a basic hour rate + peice rate + overtime

Minor irritation, but as an agency worker getting paid per timesheet and not on a monthly basis, the Monzo app always thinks I’m about to run out of money!

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