Salary categorised as a bill and unable to change it

Issue: when salary is shown as upcoming it appears as a bill. It is not a bill. I cannot change the category of an upcoming income

Details to reproduce: set an income to arrive. See the upcoming incoming payment marked as arriving tomorrow. Try to change the category.
OS: iOS 14.2
Device: iphone 12 pro
App Version: 3.60


upcoming salary always don’t show the correct category until it’s actually in your account then it shows the correct category, once you get your salary just change the category and it will stay that way

Don’t worry, you can change it once it lands in your account.

Yeh, im aware can change it afterwards but surely it’s a bug for it to be incorrect when pending. Hence reporting as a bug / minor improvement

I don’t think so, I think its always been that way - I don’t think anyone has really brought it up before because it doesn’t necessarily interfere with the app experience but I can see why you raised it and it is valid.

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