Safe to move my salary to Monzo

I think they explained this here;

It’s anxiety and I know this can be a huge deal for some people so quite understandable.

The real question should be why is it not being processed earlier like other banks in their experience. Is there a technical reason or it’s just that 3 AM is a set time when Monzo processes incoming payments.


That’s it! I have a lot of bills and being on a zero hour contract it’s often very very very tight! So my anxiety likes to see the money come in and soon after all go!!

Monzo has told me I should delay my payments to stop them coming out before I get paid!!

I really don’t understand why as my wage with other banks always came first!

Was with Starling and now wishing I didn’t jump sides, especially knowing my wage would go in at 00:01 and my bills going at 00:31.

As well as missing Apple Pay I can see myself switching back to Starling pretty soon!


I understand your anxiety, and maybe - quite honestly - Monzo isn’t the right product for you.

Regardless of whom you bank with I would also suggest to see if you can switch you Direct Debit dates (I assume this is about direct debits?) to a few days later (I’d recommend 5 days after pay day, so as to cope with long bank holiday weekends). This might help you either way, might it not?

Most providers are really quite flexible and all you need to do is ask. I have only two out of my dozen or so providers that are unwilling to change the date, and even if you still have one or two that go out on payday, this might help relieve your anxiety somewhat. (Even my landlord was alright with changing my rent-due-date by 5 days, when I explained that the current day collided with my pay day, but then I had a very good landlord, so your experience may vary. But utility providers, credit card companies, councils, mortage lenders, and others are usually cooperative in this.)

PS: Feel free to direct message if you wish to discuss in private!


Credits are applied before debits (for transactions on the same day), so this shouldn’t be an issue for you.

I also don’t think that bank holidays are an issue where payments are concerned - in my experience, if my pay date falls on a bank holiday I get the funds on the previous working day and debits are always on the next working day, so there should never be an issue with payments coming out before direct credits.

Someone else who is more knowledgable about BACS can confirm though.


This is more a question of how things are displayed. Technically both the credit and the debit will happen on the next working day (e.g. Monday), though some banks (particularly NatWest) used to show the credits on the last working day before, and the debits on the first working day after the weekend. But that changed now, I believe.

However, if you are anxious about “Will I have enough balance to cover my direct debits tomorrow?” then I think it might be good to have a few days between the credit and the debit, so as to relieve the anxiety.

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Please feel free to chuck any questions my way, I completely understand financial anxiety and this is why all my bills are on the last working day or the 1st.

We credit accounts at 1am and debit at 2am though, now.


Are there any plans to improve these times further? As others have reported, some get paid a couple of hours earlier than 1am. Alternatively is it possible to include a time stamp on incoming pay transactions and also outgoing DD?

There is already a time stamp on them :blush:


So there is! I was looking in the wrong place, my bad!

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Hi, this has probably been answered before but when do credits actually appear in an account. For example when I banked with Yorkshire Bank, my salary would go in on a weekend if the last working day is weekend. However with First Direct it credits in the Monday. Does Monzo credit on the Monday too or the actual day it is due.

I believe it’s 1am UTC time

I’m just in the process of getting all my main income moved over to Monzo. What is the current time the payments are credited on accounts? :slight_smile:

Direct debits are Monday to Friday, faster payments is any day. It all depends when the instruction is sent. If it’s in time then it would be processed on the Friday. I know other banks have exceptions eg Barclays show child benefit as pending from Friday and then it’s cleared on the following Monday. Not sure why, perhaps it’s being sent from an account held with the same bank

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Direct Credits are processed at around 1am, Direct Debits at around 2am. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ahh great! Thank You :slight_smile:

Would be great to get all the awesome support and information which comes out of this forum in the help section of the app or in a crowd sourced wiki or something!

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Interestingly my salary didn’t come in till 4:30am

maybe it’s so large it triggered money laundering checks? :wink:


I wish!