Running total graph on pots and account

Can I request that you look into developing a running total graph for pots please? Currently it’s not easy to see if my pots are increasing over time or decreasing. Should only need a data point per month so wouldn’t be too onerous to implement. But it would help a LOT.

Ta muchly!

Considering they took this away from the main account and then haven’t brought it back, I’d say it’s very unlikely.

You can easily do it yourself with Google sheets if you copy your statement out every now and then.

If you just need a data point per month then you could also use pot goals to set little milestones.

For example, if you think £100 is achievable put that as your goal. This will give you a chart and a percentage figure to hit for the month as well as showing you how much it is increasing and decreasing.

You can just increase the goal amount when you hit it and you’ll get a new progress bar. :slight_smile:

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