Rubbish actors you just have to watch

Does anyone have actors they enjoy watching in films/TV shows because they’re really pretty rubbish?

You know the sort of actor who is totally unconvincing in a role or wooden as heck, but you can’t stop watching?

I think my all time favourite is probably Tom Tansey (, although Lisa Benedict ( also gets a look in.


Mark Wahlberg has got to take the gold in this, has no range whatsoever, he acts exactly the same regardless of what the film is and at the same level of emotion, but they are usually okish films.

Second place

Third place

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It would be rude not to mention Tommy Wiseau here.


Adam Sandler.

I tried to watch him in the new Uncut Gems film where he plays a slightly more serious role but struggled :grin:


Yeah I find Adam Sandler quite painful to watch but try this on Netflix. He’s actually ok in this, worth a watch and if you go in with low expectations you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Probably a solid 6/10 if Knives Out is 8/10.

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Maybe the strap line should read “First class problems. Second class actors.”


Keanu Reeves deserves a mention for wooden acting but ok (or cult) films.

I rewatched the Matrix a while ago. I realised it hasn’t aged well because it was so groundbreaking. Now it seems so full of cliches, despite being the originator of most of them.


He’s kind of a good actor because of him being him, def wooden though. So its a tough call for me.

I would put Ryan Gosling in that category too, who’s made his career with a deadpan expression but gets away with it. I quite enjoy films he’s in.

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All good suggestions, folks. Thanks.

Plus, pretty ones (or ones who think they’re pretty) who use that as a substitute for ability should feature.

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That’s pretty much every actor…

Ben Affleck and Owen Wilson must be near the top. Probably Brendan Fraser wins it for his career. Wait maybe John Travolta…

Actually maybe…

Robert Pattinson. \spoken in the voice of Jack Whitehall. :fist: (shakes fist)

It’s easier to name the ones that are actually talented. :rofl:

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I worked with Brendan once, I don’t really like him as an actor but he is lovely to be around

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Yeah. I can’t think of any bad actors I’ll watch. On the other hand, I’ll watch anything that Robert Mitchum, Gene Tierney, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Chow Yun-Fat are in. I nearly said Anna Kendrick as well, but then I remembered she’s in the Twilight films and I’m never watching those.

Strange, but I’ve never warmed to Robert Mitchum. I can normally see past my prejudice and enjoy a good performance, but with him I can’t.

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