Royal mail delay, anyone?

Honestly this is true of where I work, I don’t really care.

Packed out smoking areas, canteens and locker rooms and nobody cares much. It would be a pain to do our jobs and have massively reduced order capacity if we where to follow guidance. (Daily Mail articles would not be kind)

We have a larger amount of employees than we did before COVID so this is expected.

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I’m not going to state my employer as I enjoy working there and know some of the best people from working there.

It’s the one thing we got early on was if we where to get symptoms please phone in sick, sick pay was also upped to 100% of average weekly pay from day one.

The mask wearing is not the law so nothing much has been done but very few of us do due to glasses steaming up with pallet trucks or forklifts is dangerous along with them getting wet in the cold can cause a nasty rash on the face.

Managers feel uneasy enforcing it for the above reasons.

the biggest bane ever i can agree hahahah, but no where a higher state of safety comes into it then sure, i agree it makes sense not to enforce it

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I’ve seen this reported in several media outlets.

It’s like journalists have just discovered the Royal Mail Service Update page which has existed for years…

I live near a delivery office and the difference at the moment cmpared to how it is over summer is incredible. They have every van stuffed full, even the passenger seat area, I wonder how the driver can possibly find the mail for each street. No wonder they’re delivering up until 9pm and on Sundays, it probably takes them the extra time to keep rummaging. They’ve also got loads of hire vans with little printed pages in the windscreen saying ‘Temporary Royal Mail Delivery Van’ which must be for traffic wardens or something.

I still have delays, not as bad as December, but stuff takes days to get from the London mail centres to my delivery office then to me, whereas it used to be next day, with all the transfers happening overnight. A lot of items don’t get scanned at the delivery office so the tracking doesn’t say Out for Delivery like they normally would, first I know is when the postman buzzes my flat.

I wish they could operate a bit more like DPD and give estimated times and live tracking for tracked parcels but it’s obvious why they can’t - they have to deliver tens of millions of items every year. It’s interesting Royal Mail’s own Parcelforce service does have this though. Maybe one day.