Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)


All gone NatWest colours. Probably due to merge all :sweat_smile: simplicity maybe?

Colours have never bothered me tbh.

Account funtionality and customer service way more important imo.

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I think they’re an important differentiator. It takes away their identity, might as well wind them up and just have NatWest


That’s a shame. While I have nothing against NatWest I liked the subtle differences that RBS and Ulster had.

Ah well. Wonder if the app will presumably be reskinned in due course.

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RBS app is a reskin of the NatWest app (no idea about Ulster)…

I also can see differences between NatWest and RBS/Ulster in the icons used. NatWest icons tend to use 3/4 colours while RBS/Ulster have a single block colour.

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The app has been updated and now is purple where it was blue previously

Ugh :nauseated_face: The icon is purple but the app itself is still white/black depending on device settings. Really don’t understand this rebrand though, RBS has been blue for as long as I can remember.

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The new app icon is hor-rib-le. Not gathered the strength to go beyond that yet.

Edit: oh fuck me the new font

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I don’t like how it’s like double layered. Like there’s a bubble around the RBS logo inside the app icon.

Inside there’s a new loading icon where the 4 arrows bounce in, new font, and pink branding for buttons and the little line icons. If it had stayed blue the design changes would be nice.

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That is really one horrible looking refresh!

The new font burns my eyes. I think Amex went all trigger happy with bold fonts once and quickly did a 180 as it’s not the most accessible.

The bubble around the logo first appeared on NatWest cards and I suspect it’s them trying to be digital first by making the logo look like an app icon. Or they want consistent colour for it no matter where it goes which would be a lazy cop out.

Horrible all around in any case.

I wonder if they now redo their cards to match the purple?


I mean just change the RBS blue flash to the horrible purple Android icon

Oh I see, I imagine they will soon enough yeah. And the flash of blue on the credit cards. Gonna look positively awful on the beach hut card.

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If we’re lucky, it might mean the death of the beach hut to something more “digital”.

That’s what the NatWest splat represents, right?

Ulster Bank has gone purple as well.

Both that and the new RBS colour schemes look terrible. Let’s hope they revert back to the original colours


Seems to be a trend. Santander rolling out the One App - HSBC driving out a singular app worldwide and at some point, presumably, HSBC one.

I appreciate that these are of course singular banks vs a group - but it wouldn’t surprise me if this is why and we could expect Lloyds to do similar next

Absolutely awful. They should at least give them a new logo so it’s not the same as RBS but with extra text to make the icon busier

It makes sense actually in Scotland, as the dark blue and white branch signage is the same for Royal Bank of Scotland as it is for Bank of Scotland.